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    War Zippo Lighters: WWII, Korea & Vietnam
  1. Thank you for the details. This could be the serviceman. May I ask where found these details? Is it a public database? I used militaryusa.com as long as it was "online"...
  2. Thank you for your message. Maybe this is it. Even though, my guess is that Gibson was an advisor in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the veterans' database is no longer available to check...
  3. Hello I recently found the Vietnam era Zippo lighter of SFC Stanley L Gibson, 40th GCAT. I am now wondering what GCAT stands for. I have a similiar lighter of an advisor of the 7th Infantry Division (ARVN, DCAT). I know that DCAT stands for Division Combat Assistance Team. Every bit of information would be appreciated. Best regards, Rolf
  4. This would be the critical question... I did not find any addtional information on this topic on the net.
  5. Thank you for your replies. Is there a regulation that could help?
  6. Hello Recently, I found a Zippo lighter with an engraved cavalry insignia: I am now wondering if the insignia on the back is "4th Squadron 1st Cavalry" or "1st Squadron 4th Cavalry". Thank you for your help. Regards, Rolf
  7. Excellent. Thank you very much for your help. Rolf
  8. Hello I need help to identify the medal on the right. The serviceman that got this award was a SFC of MACV-SOG in Vietnam. As far as I know, the medal was given in 1969. Thank you very much for every detail Rolf
  9. This dog tag belonged to Arthur Frederick Bell (KIA). It does not look as the other dog tag I have from the Vietnam War. Is it something special?
  10. Thank you for your thoughts. I only have the diploma of the Airborne Course. It would be interesting to know which courses he passed before he was deployed to Vietnam...
  11. I am collecting war Zippo as well. I was very lucky some time ago to find a "Ernie Pyle": The lighter belonged to Robert F von Gillern, a Navy pilot on the USS Cabot Rolf
  12. It was very sad indeed. I did not expect to get all these documents. The seller only wrote something about certificates...
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