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  1. Thanks to captaxe, capa and patches for replying to my request. I am working on a large genealogy project for my family and for the entire "di Pippo" surname from Villanova del Battista, Campania, italy. As part of that project, understanding my father's service to his country is important. As I know all of you are aware, the profound affects of war are overwhelming and last a lifetime, as was the case for my father. I trying to collect information about his serivce as part of the 712th Tank Battalion, Campany A, 2 Platoon. I'm not sure if he was assigned to a squad or other sub-g
  2. Patches, I guess this is what you are looking for. The photo can be found at; http://www.90thdivisionassoc.org/history/unithistories/PDF/WW2/712%20TK%20Bn.pd See page 54 and 55 is where you find my father's name Peter De Pippo
  3. Hi Patches, Thank you for replying. I am trying to find a clearer picture of Company A then exists on this site. When I zoom-in on the photo on this site, the image becomes much less sharp. This is somewhat normal however I'm hoping there is another image that is clearer. Do you know it there is a US Army.Gov site that might have a better image? Thanks for you help. Peter De Pippo
  4. Hello, I’m trying to find a sharper image of the 712th Tank Battalion Company A group photo. My father, Michele De Pippo is in the photo that is found on this site however it is somewhat picsulated. Does anyone know where I can find an improved quality image. Sincere regards, Peter De Pippo PDepippo1@optonline.net
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