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  1. Hello Tolzer, I thank you kindly, I saw the NH and possibly thought New Hampshire but thought the G was a C for college like some of the other charms. Your information has saved this piece from the melt pot. I also could see the European and Canadian style as Salvage mentioned as the belt band around the logo is on several British and Canadian badges. Truly thankful for everyone's input. Thanks again, Jakeman664
  2. These were on a charm bracelet, formerly pins converted into charms likely in the 1960's. The pin I believe may be related to the USMC band, or possibly football judging by the shape of the center. The cross is marked K I A 1776 so don't know if that is a fraternal organization or possibly a military related piece. If anyone has any info I would be very happy to hear it, I exhausted my Google-fu. Thank you kindly, Jakeman664
  3. I realized I forgot to post all the writing in the prayer book. I apologize. Of particular note is the entry describing his evacuation from the camp as the Red Army closed in (picture 7). There is also 2 pages of names of other camp inmates I assume he befriended but some of them do contain personal addresses.
  4. Hello Pip, thank you I'm glad to have them as groupings like this don't show up very often. I didn't realize he had a brother until today where I found an article in the Frederick Post where his brother said he was likely a POW now. I guess that explains the RAF patches! The auction house also put these lots in the first of his 3 estate auctions and didn't mention them in the description so missed out on them (RAF and US shirts and more photos) https://imgur.com/a/eo2x0DE
  5. Hello, these items recently came up at a local auction. Mr. Mause passed away in 2005 and seems the family decided to liquidate the entire estate. His B-17 was "Boom Town" according the the American Air Museum in Britain. It was shot down after a bombing raid on a synthetic rubber plant in Huls Germany. He was then taken to Stalag Luft 3 (most famous for the great escape) where he was a POW (#1630) until the end of war. I was fortunate enough to get his POW ID tag with prayer book where he kept some notes including those on his B-17 that were not fortunate enough to survive the plane crash and his named Purple Heart. I believe the hat pictured is likely the hat he wore as a POW in Luft 3. Unfortunately the auction house did a poor job of keeping a lot of stuff together and many of his photos and diaries were split up into several groups that sadly went for over $200 a lot. If anyone has any more resources to research Mr. Mause I would be happy to look into more info.
  6. It is 12 inches across and 5 inches tall. The entire plate is actually made out of metal it looks like. Very lightweight so not steel. The top holes are where it was hammered to the wall, not sure if they are original but the bottom holes are.
  7. Bought this for myself. I haven't been able to find any other examples. Sadly got nailed to a beam after the war as a decoration, but other than that in good shape. Looking for more info and potential value (the guy I purchased it from was throwing some crazy numbers)
  8. Thank you vzemke. Glad to hear that, it is certainly a difficult patch to find any information at all on.
  9. The centerpiece of my US Uniform collection is this 1942 dated Coastal Artillery Captain's uniform. Doing some research on the name on the tag and pants, I came across a book called "The Longest Patrol: A U-Boat Gunners War" which goes into some detail of his time at the camp. William Calafiura began his career in Intelligence and then ended up as the Commandant of the camp. He left the army in 1946. Camp Lyndhurst was in Augusta County, Virginia. It was a Google e-Book preview so some pages were cut out, but a good read. This is the picture that was in the book. And here is the uniform itself. The most interesting part was this pair of 1946 dated theater tickets found in the pocket. And they came in this envelope. Just to show that even in 1946 the rationing was still ongoing.
  10. I acquired this patch at an auction and the only other reference I have been able to find was in this thread http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4841-unknown-panther-patch/ which did not provide a conclusive answer. And as mentioned in the thread could be a high school patch. Hoping someone here may be able to help as it seems to be a very obscure patch!
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