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  1. Unfortunately they did not have any records other then his retirement paper. I was thinking about trying to get his NARA records.
  2. Thank you ! I was wondering what the slit in the uniform was for, I ended up fixing this on the display. also thank you to all who gave input, I got some good info from you all! thanks jeff
  3. I could not find any records for the Presidential Unit Citation or his BS with V. The family did not know as well. It is sewn on both uniforms that are his.
  4. Larry, I stand corrected. I messed that up lol Thank you!
  5. I will take a better pic of the patch tomorrow and post it. I have the miniature medals, they kept the full size medals the he had framed.
  6. Hi Everyone, I was called last week by the niece of a warrant officer who served 34 years in the Navy, asking if I was interested in his items. Well I am now the caretaker of CWO Anthony Karetnuk’s WWII items. The family did hold on to his framed medal set and said if they ever part with it I’ll get the call. Hope you enjoy! CWO Karetnuk served on the SSN 579 (Swordfish) for 9 War patrols and the SS 408 (Sennet) for 3 war patrols.
  7. No problem. I will take a pic of it this evening after work.
  8. Hi everyone, I picked up this interesting M1 early this year locally. Its a McCord front seam swivel bail, heat stamp of 74D and still has cork. It has painted in red Air Force rank, which must have been done post war. But still neat! Hope you enjoy. Thanks Jeff
  9. Here is a nice small grouping from 1SG Mundee a Big Red One Veteran. I bought this from his granddaughter on Memorial Day this year. PH numbered, BS named, Two photos, dog tag, discharge paper, CIB, service stripes. I have found some records that he was in the 18th Infantry L Co and was awarded his BS in Normandy on 9 June 1944. He is buried at Arlington. Hope you all enjoy! Jeff
  10. Very interesting. Thank you Bob! I am just going to have to keep digging. What amazes me is how you got so much more info then I did in such a short time. Still learning where and how to find out the personal information. Thanks Jeff
  11. AustinO , thank you! I really appreciate it. I will be putting the info on the display for him. Thanks Jeff
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