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  1. Hello, I thank you all very very much for this information. Wonderful. Your are the best. I m very happy to see, that he is coming home after world war II. Best regards
  2. Hello together, this both Dog tags, from the same man was found in the Huertgen Forest near Aachen in a vehicle lane. Unfortunately he can not be found in Nara Archives. Can you help? Lous E Floyd Los Angeles Serial No 18134653 Best Regards und thankfull for your help
  3. Hello, thanks a lot for your research. This is exactly the name, displayed in NARA, but the dog tag shows orvel bright oder wright. But the number is identical. Very strange. Best regards
  4. Hello, this dog tag was find in west germany. It is Messing and in a terrible Status. The Serial No is: 34275197, the name probably Orvel Bright. When i search for it by nara, I becomo a terrible result. Maybe you can help me to find further information about it? Thanks al lot. Best Regards Forrestwalker
  5. Thanks for your post. The pen was found by a friend in a foxhole not very deep in the west of germany near aachen. Battle of Huertgen Forrest. Very cool thing because personal and rare. We didn´t found something similar in the www.
  6. Thank you for your answer. Here a picture after cleaning. Best Regards
  7. Hello together, we found this unknown pen. Unfortunately we can´t find something about in the www. Perhapts you can help. Please look the picture. Us Air Force. Jefferson Barracks Mo / Buy War Bonds. Sorry I have problems to load more pictures and cant delete the double. Thanks for further information.... Best Regards. Forrest
  8. Hello Matt, thanks a lot for your further information. The dog tags were found in the huertgen forest, about 25 km away from aachen or 65 km away from cologne / west rhineland. They were found in Dezember 2018. No, no chain or something else. Best Regards Forrest
  9. Matt, thanks a lot. We also very happy, when we know, that the soldier is come back home and not died in our forrest. So we are very thankful about information. Best Regards Lydi
  10. Hello, I need your help again. My friend find two dog tags from the same soldier. Unfortunately we couldn´t find any information about him in the www. Can you help us? The serial no is 36712404 His name is Castro Joseph J. Thank you. Best Regards. Forrest
  11. I have a question, too. About NARA, I can´t find him. What can i do to find the same information, than you? At his death he was so old than me....oh god, that´s not very long. Only 45 years old. I m actually shoked. sorry for my english
  12. So also he is come back at home after war....im very happy about this. But he was not so old . thank you very much for this information. Was he an warrant officer? Best Regards
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