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  1. Nice work, the back drop makes the entire diorama look great!
  2. Hi Manny The USS SUNFISH was a STURGEON Class Attack sub, commissioned in 1969 and scrapped in 1997.
  3. Thanks Manny for the kind words. It's a 1:48 scale model of the USS SUNFISH attack sub. It was radio controlled at one time but now it has been decommissioned, the model is of wood construction covered with a rubber coating done by a good friend that actually built nuke subs at Electric Boat.
  4. MastersMate, Lars and Salvage Sailor Thanks for the kind words, it turned out better than I originally thought. A box full of wood strips and some vacuform details cause modelers to lose faith in their building abilities, at least for me....19 years later finished. MastersMate Yes very observant...the 210 has been sitting around for as long as the STARK, its a solid wood hull and scratch built....if I live long enough maybe it will get done. The flower class corvette is the old Matchbox kit from 1980 which is the year I purchased it! I plan to build the corvette next but still have
  5. Hi Lars Your request is noted, enjoy! The models are of wood construction, all are kits except the large scratch built lifeboat on the right and the nuke sub on the floor. The USAF rescue boat is the oldest kit from 1955, powered by a gas motor. The other boats are electric battery powered. They represent a lot of years of building and memories.
  6. I covered the wood superstructure with Evergreen plastic.
  7. Commissioned in 1982 the USS Stark was the 23rd ship of the Oliver Hazard Perry Class of fast frigates. Designed as a low cost escort, the 445 foot ship, capable of 30 knots, carried both Harpoon missiles as well as anti aircraft missiles. It was equipped with a Oto Melita 76mm rapid firing gun and 2 banks of ASW torpedo tubes for use against submarines. The ship carried the latest state-of-the-art sensors, radar, ASW detection gear as well as satellite navigation and communication electronics. A large hanger and flight deck could accommodate two ASW helicopters. On May 19th 1987, while on p
  8. Nice job, great scale to work in.
  9. Superior work on an often overlooked subject. The models are certainly contenders for a hobby show competition!
  10. 917601 I don't know where one can purchase surplus munitions, but that's quite a collection. gwb123 I guess I wasn't the only kid that owned a fleet of plastic ships that saw "battle" on the living room rug! I had about 30 ships, all scales, All nations, and all time periods (USS Forestall along side Revell WWI destroyer). None were painted correctly, like Revell directions that instructed you to paint the gun barrels silver...my U.S. flagship was Revell's USCGC Campbell, I guess because it was molded in white, tan and black plastic, the Axis flagship was Aurora's Graf Spee becaus
  11. Very impressive, that's one heck of a door stop! I had a 3" shell with a dummy warhead and brass casing that I used to keep a door from closing....what color is the "correct" color you need to correct?
  12. Hi Manny Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question, no, I didn't use the E-Z-Line. I used good old fashioned stretched sprue for the rigging and antennas. This scale is so small I felt that any nylon thread or a product like E-Z-Line would look too heavy (plus I'd have to send away for the E-Z-Line, didn't want to wait). The sprue attaches very nicely to the models plastic surface, plus it challenged me (and my arthritic fingers) to see if I could still do it. I remember using sprue rigging a biplane years ago, what a job that was. Since the sprue was gray, I didn't have to
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