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  1. Leave it as is, yours is 1937/38 dated. Who ever is buying it would restore it, plus the zinc fin should be left as is.. All pre war 81mm made by this MFG will be stamped LOT XXXX- 2 F.A. 81MM., M43 E.D.B 8275 is the most common lot number for this style. #2275-2 and #1953-2 are the earliest lots and are closer to 1935/36 in my estimation and also are in a smaller type face then the (8275 lot), Ordinance acceptance stamp should be 1in above the "-2" usually. and lastly i believe all are marked E.D.B but the die became worn or began to make less clean strikes later in the manufacturing alon
  2. Looking at a glance its a 1936-38 dated F.A. 81mm shell....1937-early 1938 if its lot# 8275-2 (depends on lot number to get a better date also the fuze date gives you +- a few months of the mfg date also) with zinc coated fins. It would be fully painted yellow or blue (over the berret band) and would have 1in serif typeface nomenclature on it. stating 3TM & 81mm etc... Would be issued with a M45 Fuze and is valued (if the body isn't damaged) is around the $125 mark. If it had its original paint with nomenclature and a complete m45 fuze with all internals, it could be $300 area. but then
  3. Thank you for the reply! I'm happy to know a little more! and yes it looks like someone lined out the 228 and put 47 above it so i figured it was a unit change but since your not sure i guess not? Oh well thank you for the info so far! I hope some one else can chime in about it and also have a rough idea what its worth more or less so i know i didnt totally over pay for it haha.
  4. last photo because i couldn't resist trying to build it up to wear with spare field gear i had laying around
  5. Hi There Guys! I Just Picked up this 1943 dated P41 pack system the other day and since I'm kinda new to USMC WWII equipment, I was wondering what the value for a non riveted boyt 43 pack would be? And also if anyone has an Idea what unit markings it has on it? I think its 4th infantry division but after that I don't know what the 228 or 47 mean? Any insight into my new piece prized possession is appreciated ! thank you!
  6. the bottom is tapered, so he wont get the correct OD on it from the bottom
  7. wrap a string around the mid section or on the rotating band and measure the circumference of the shell using the string and then divide that number by 3.14 and then convert to mm and that should get you into the ball park of the shell. Could be a 90mm HE Shell
  8. It's probably the M1A1 ammo can made for the 1917a1 machine gun mount. The can was developed at the end of WW2 and was mostly used in Korea I believe.
  9. Thanks for all the info gents! It's appreciated !
  10. Hi there! Looking to get some more info on this scabbard i picked up today in the antique store. I figured it was WWII since it didn't have a pistol belt hangar so i picked it up. I paint stripped 2 layers of OD paint that was on the metal throat. It took 30mins using stripper and a brush which revealed a rather nice original Park finish underneath the paint! My question is, Is it normal for early wwii m8 scabbards to be lacking any engravings /maker marks on the metal throat ? My buddy I sent photos to said it's a early 1943 M8 scabbard that's scarcely found since it has the OD3 webbing.
  11. They are legit, just takes a week + before it gets in the mail. They arn't amazon. But will take care of you if there is a defect in your item
  12. No problem, glad to help! it's Interesting stuff! It sounds like howitzer shells were the opposite of the mortars since mortars stopped getting painted over that section of the mortar just as the war started. Also a fun side note, a large amount of yellow painted ordnance has been found in the PTO on island's that didn't see action till 43'- 44' ; So Its interesting that they were using the older inventory still by then. I guess the ETO was getting all the newer stuff
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