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  1. I was part of the test and eval of these prototypes. Late 2000, Early 2001, 29 Palms, Ca. Feedback was not what I thought would finalize but a wonderful experience. I still have a new set, cover, boonie and helmet covers. Very rare. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  2. As a Marine, until, the 1990s or so, if you rated an M1911/M9, you were issued a Ka-Bar from the armory. Machine Gunners, Officers, Staff Non-Commisioned Officers and others. And that was the last Grunt unit I was in, Fox Co 2/23, while called up for the 1st Gulf War. Of course, many have their own commercially made 'Ka- Bars' too. I have an old one that stamped USN Mark I. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  3. Wore these in Iraq, and until I retired. Still wear the proto boonie cover on occasion. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  4. Prototype Desert LL blouse and trousers, SM cover. New from 2000, never worn and was extra from the test/eval we did in Twentynine Palms. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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