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  1. Reverse if that helps Justin H
  2. They do don’t they Justin H
  3. Just clicking notify of replies Justin H
  4. Is this a beret flash and does anyone recognise it? many thanks in advance Justin H
  5. Peter, I owe you the courtesy of a response and a thank you (even if it is 2 years late!) I completely missed the notification and I think I may have been inadvertent signed out for a while.. Thanks once again Justin H
  6. Bump. Anyone know? Thanks in advance Justin H
  7. Hi all, I have a Greenbrier N-3B with a stencil on the back which reads DDCO 42 Does anyone know what that stands for? Thanks very much in advance Justin H
  8. great thanks for the input- appreciated Justin H
  9. Hello all. I have a new OG 107 utility cap (long bill) which has some stencils inside Any ideas? Thanks for looking Justin H
  10. The ribbons appear watered silk and look original, albeit swapped round as you note. The medals were supplied with lengths of ribbons, and the length of yours look ok. The inter allied victory medal was lacquered in most cases I think which is why yours looks shiny. The British War Medal is silver which is why it has tarnished Victory medals can lose their laquer if polished and appear duller, but some were "chocolate" ones and were unlaquered darker bronze with s sort of sand blasted finish Personally I would swap the ribbons but would not clean Justin H
  11. So jealous that's a fantastic find Justin H
  12. Good point TLeo but it was the shape of the other patch that didn't look right- more like a Tactical Air Command type patch. There must be a name for that shape of patch but don't know what it is Thanks Justin H
  13. That's great guys thank you for the info Got to get my hands on a Scarface patch now ! Also confirms that nameplate didn't belong to jacket I think Justin H
  14. Hello everyone I've had this nameplate since the early 90's, found it in the pocket of a CWU 45/P that I picked up at Kensington market. I always thought it didn't belong to the jacket since the jacket also had Velcro for a TAC type chest patch on the right The layout of the nameplate looks a bit different to some I've seen- do you think it's OK? Also does anyone know what the 45 means? I love the nickname "Scarface" on this one Thanks in advance Justin H
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