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    Anything that catches my eye! WWI, WWII, USMC, Special Forces, Third Reich, Airborne, MACVSOG, etc.

    Interested in items from KI Sawyer AFB and items related to the 2167th Comm Sq.

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the replies. Jacob
  2. Can anyone identify this? No markings that I can see.
  3. Thanks for the input. I wish I had more info on it. I attached some better pictures of the paint. There are many scratches throughout the paint. Some of the liner is faded as well.
  4. What do you guys think about these? I am always suspicious of "theater made" Vietnam patches. My buddy that runs a military store was given a big bag of cut up ERDL camo and these patches were in the bottom. I've never seen this kind of construction before. I believe they were meant to go on a beret? Thanks, Jacob
  5. Quite possible. I will try to get better pictures today and look at the etchings with a magnifier. Jacob
  6. That is awesome! Looks like the exact same type of watch. Thanks for sharing! Jacob
  7. Took a gamble on this bring-back artifact today. It appears to be a Swiss pocket watch found on a Western Front battlefield. There is German writing etched onto the watch but I can not make out much of what it says. There is a German name and the phrase "K.K. JAGER." I will try to get better pictures of the etchings but these are the pictures I have for now. The info tag was included with the watch. Jacob
  8. Thanks for the responses! jacob
  9. Just picked this ACH at my friend's shop today. I was curious if anyone could match up this paint pattern with any specific unit? The only info my friend had was a guy in the Army picked it up during his service as a gift. Any help is appreciated! Jacob
  10. Saw this at a shop and was curious to what it was? Thanks, Jacob
  11. I agree. Big keyboard warriors here.
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