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  1. When I was actively collecting many years ago, I didn’t know one maker from another. Other than painted or having some other special features, I just picked up the nicest examples I could find or afford. That said, I ended up with three FS Schlueters; two FB and one SB. All are in the condition of the one I posted. The heat lot on the other FB (from the estate of an Army Air Force dentist) is 39A. The SB heat lot is 179 with no alpha suffix that I can see. The SB shell has darker OD straps and black steel hooks. I believe all very standard configuration.
  2. Thx for the reply. It is in very nice condition. I’ve had it for 30+ years and was just getting around to documenting the heat lot numbers of my shells. It came with a very nice CAPAC liner
  3. I think this helmet shell has all the correct features of a Schlueter, but there is no heat stamp or S anywhere I can find (and I’ve examined this everywhere under strong light and magnification). Not that there needs to be another post about a Schlueter, but thought I’d share.
  4. Ditto on including these ships in your tour plans if you are in the Bay area. They are well worth your time to visit. If you go to Alameda to see the Hornet, take a drive through the adjacent decommissioned Naval Air Station Alameda. This was a location from which the Trans-Pacific clipper flying boats departed as well as being a a PBY capable base with still visible seaplane ramps. It's also where the Mythbusters people use the runways to do some of their skits.
  5. Nice comparison photos of the different modification styles. Thanks!
  6. I think that's exactly what this is, and it comports with what I thought I had seen somewhere. Thanks!
  7. If the different style tacking is only on the rusty J hook side, I would lean toward this being an old in-service repair. If a repo, I would think the person would have sourced a brass hook. I have seen legitimate field applied straps whose stitching looked nothing at all like factory stitching, so this could be one of those if the thread is period. That said, I am certainly no expert on chinstrap stitching so I defer to others more knowledgeable.
  8. Nice blade and scabbard. Now you need a trench shotgun to go with it.
  9. They both look genuine to me; FWIW I haven't seen any repro blades made to resemble the modified long blade bayonets. The WT was cut down from it's original 16" length, and the UFH stamping indicates the modification (or some other work) was done by Union Fork & Hoe. The OL was also modified from it's original 16" length. I'm not certain what the "C.L." mark is. Any chance it is a poorly struck "O.L."?
  10. That is cool, I personally don't see much 329th stuff around. I have a helmet liner with a painted name and captain's bars that has a 329th decal on one side and a 83rd decal overlaid with a 70th Division decal on the other side.
  11. Nice belts indeed! I took some rough measurements of the belt loops on some of my 1911 mag pouches and got the following dimensions: LCC. 3 5/8" FSF. 3 5/8" Russell 3 3/8" Mills 3 3/8" Mills 3 5/8" All of these pouches are unused, unwashed, etc. I didn't measure the width of my mounted belts, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some dimension variations in those as well.
  12. WW2 up to Korea (maybe even a bit later) style. The other anchor crossbar probably is marked 1/20 10K GF or something similar.
  13. That's well done. Sometimes in a large display individual items get "lost" in the sheer volume of things present.
  14. I agree with Der Finn. It also looks there is some embossed lettering on the waist belt loop snap; I don't recall seeing that embossing on an original holster.
  15. Thanks for the tips. I have seen bladders advertised, but I had no feedback as to the quality of any of these. If I decide to do this restoration, I want to do it right.
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