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  1. Cant imagine stepping foot on iwo. Wonder what its like today..
  2. Lucky man! I thought the SS Field caps were interesting.
  3. I didnt mean that in a negative way, its just an odd piece. You must be a good friend lol
  4. Maybe something to do with pieces like this being hard to identify. Im not really sure.
  5. Very unfortunate if OP had to get rid of the gun due to misinformation. I hope the dealer from this forum that received the SKS will make it right with m151mp and return it.
  6. Uniforms look to be in great condition, great piece of history!
  7. Awesome find! First ive personally seen like this.
  8. Appears to have gone to a worthy owner who will put it to use!
  9. Could be a great score! Interested to see what it turns out to be.
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