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  1. Many thanks for your input, here are some clearer pics
  2. Hi Guys, Just purchased a large US wings collection with these two bullion ones, any feedback on their originality ?
  3. Thanks guys for your insight, first time Chris didn't manage to identify a helmet ! Unfortunately the name has been covered with the pads, just see a #52.
  4. Hi guys, trying to identify this HGU Navy or Marine helmet's unit, any idea ?
  5. Wow, that was fast Chris ! Do you know them by heart ? Well, congrats and thanks for your insight. Looking at the connections, looks like a patrol helmet, what are your thoughts looking at these extra pics ? Al
  6. Hi Guys, picked up this helmet the other day and I was wondering if anyone of you would have an idea about the unit this HGU-34 helmet would be related to ?
  7. It's funny because the one you show in your last post is not original. Concerning the tape jobs, they were cut with templates, it was the 80's, it wasn't made with printers or laser cut or any other modern shinola. Look at this one, it's one of the few real proved originals, it's at the Air and Space museum, it's clean (the pilot didn't make his F-14's oil or plugs change with his helmet on his head), the tape job isn't perfect but I'm sure someone will tell you it's a repro because of that
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