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  1. I have this Version but I suspect that is a Pakistan Made...Regards
  2. Many thanks atb in fact I Find ,just now,this: https://44th-engineers.com/history Regards
  3. Hi Guys I have these 2 Velvet heart patches...but I don't idea what them are. Best Regards
  4. In fact I suspect this...however thanks
  5. Hello again guys This 1st Cav. of 371st Asa Co. Patch was on Vietnam or Korea Era ? Wonder if I read more Information about this Unit... Best Regards
  6. Thank you Very Much itshistory...the Same patches are posted on http://museum.vhpa.org too...
  7. Good Morning I have this "F Troop Pocket Patch" but I can't I.D. the Unit...Air Cavalry or Aslt.Hel.? Best Regards
  8. I agree With gwb123...Older Korean made insignia.Here my Examples Regards
  9. Thank you very much itshistory ...
  10. Hi Vietnamese or Korean Made for this Delta Aviation Group Patch? Best Regards
  11. Here from Cobra Kai Season 02 Ep.01 "Mercy" the Sensei Kreese ( Martin Kove ) worn a ripstop jungle jacket with the Big Red One on left shoulder
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