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  1. Oh my god!! Just my dream to get one set like this... thanks for sharing seb
  2. Here better photos. Hope it ll help! Thanks seb
  3. Hi, Here a Camo jacket made in a Usmc poncho. What could be the period? I think post ww2, maybe Korea? Vietnam? Thanks for your help. Seb
  4. To the memory of private Lorenzo A Taylor, KIA on 06/07/44. Incredible uniform set from him RIP
  5. Hi, From Normandy, this helmet ( shell only) from a 505th PIR F co. trooper: William A Leonard ASN 33568389. He ll survive to DDay and battle of Normandy. CIB during battle in Ardennes M2 Shell with M5 anti gaz Camo painting. Repaired D bail. Seb
  6. Thanks for your messages. is it possible that the crosses were under a painting? Looks like was paint on them..
  7. Hi, what do you think about this Medic M1 helmet? Is it real or fake Red Cross? Thanks. Seb
  8. Hey, Great find and pictures. You have a part of History in your hand!! Seb
  9. Hello, Thanks for your messages. As soon as I can I will send photos of the jacket. Seb
  10. Hi Is it possible than a jacket had been made in a USMC poncho during ww2? I have 1 but dont know if it s ww2 period, later or something else patched with the 45th us division on a shoulder and rank of sergeant on the other one. Found in Italy 25 years ago. Unfortunately I can t post photos. ( Ive tried 2 hours today but didnt work!) Thanks Seb I lol try again to post the pictures.
  11. Hi, Im very happy to join you in this forum. Im collecting WW2 US items and some of the vietnam period. I ll be glad to learn and share together. See you, Seb
  12. OMG!! My dreams.... Great to share it!! Seb
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