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  1. hi to all there's anybody has a pic of a ww1 US cot or bed camp ? or what it look like ? what's the difference with a ww2 one? thanks for your help. Roger
  2. hi to all i got these 2 aircraft parts one recognition lights with 2 marking 93F82167-6 and RE 610 could someone tell me from which aircraft it comes from? and a Pulley? thanks for your help regards Roger
  3. hi to all i would like to know if it is possible for a US officier to wear a chocolate shirt with a M41 jacket ? i am preparing a uniform for a reenactment and i wonder if it's possible to wear that thanks for yor help regards
  4. hi thanks for your advice that's what i was thinking 100 euros and it will do it still has its jerkin ! thanks again Roger
  5. hi guys found this flight jacket D1 in an old house near Longvic France ,there is a name in it ,it's Nelson it's not my theme of collection so don't know much about it there are some tear on the shoulder and some reparations ,i'm not gonna keep this, so can some one tell how much could this worth please thanks Roger
  6. hi to all could someone help me on this ,i don't know if it is a an early or brittish made or 1948 chevron anyone can tell me please,? thanks
  7. hi to all got this coke crate this morning at a flea market near the Vosges France, there was a piece of a pack of cigarette lucky strike sticked in the bottom of the crate, any one can tell me what these marking means ? thanks for your help Mail-Y QM SIV-KIQ
  8. Hi to all i got this coffee mug from Australia long time ago, they told me it was a USofficers mug from ww2 , could anyone confirm this please? regards Roger
  9. hi my friend got this coat in a old house in France ,can't say what it is ,can someone tell me what kind of coat it is? thanks for your help regards Roger
  10. I have not heard this story , what a bastard ! i am french and this guy is a disgrace ! in war time he would be put against a wall and get shot ,and the last bullet in the head , we dont need people like that
  11. hi i got this tin can last week while i was in Japan at a flea market any idea what period it is? thanks for your help Roger
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