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  1. there was a film .........how cool ....... ..it would be hard to write on fabric i guess ..it would move around a lot ...this would not help ..... ....i will try and find this video .. the flag migh be in the movie .
  2. one more question would these colour soldiers have been educated some of these just look llike scribble ............hope this is not offensive to amyone .but i read they were not schooled so could not read or write .......
  3. this top left corner star could be roosevelt my be its in bad shape ..and its the top star with text in it ......
  4. cheers fellers ........ and thanks mate you are a good pack of blokes
  5. most of the flags i have found are printed ............. the flags in the histroy museums in amaeria that i google are all printed flag the same as this .any way would it have any value ..i collect scrap metal for a living not flags ...and were would i send it to get valued in the usa i googles printed 48star flags and found aa few in museums just like this one
  6. thanks mate .. that is exactly what it says ...what song is it a company song i will google it one does say h.?bivins and the one up the top could be .... capt pershine we can make out names like PATSY . LONG . THOMAS . BIVANS . some are just scribble with no scense about them the top is capt persh???? any way thanks guys the 10th emailed back they would have no records and named from that time ...as they were mostly black and volunteers .............WHAT A SHAME
  7. it has been on a pole at some time in its life it has 3 pin or nail holes in it at the top middle and bottom .............any way back you you guy for guidance shane
  8. well its out and its so thinn you can see through it ........well its pencil or somthing like pencil pen or ink would show through it as its tissue paper so thin ......attached is how thin it is its been in the frame since 1973 as it has usa 1973 and a scotts????? ALSO it is not a fadded on the backof the flag
  9. looks ...charcoal or pencil ..... its not pen of any type . i dont think i will take it out of the frame and with great care just incase if pen it would soak through for shore ............off to the shed back soon
  10. thanks moderator ..i have a large hill to climb finding these names on the stars ..i feel ..... have you ever dealt with a old flag .... should i take it from the frame ..or let it live out its life there.....it looks like tissue paper and your advice as a flag man would be great ..........i will toss a email to the 10th cav and see what they can tell me .
  11. hi all . i am in australia not the usa i came apon this flag in a frame .. it has buffalo soldiers 10th calvary san jun hill 1898 and a few name in the stars ...its in very bad shape , falling apart ......and dont look like the flag of the usa .any ideas its about 24in ligh 33 in wide looks very old but the frame looks 60s to 70s
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