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  1. I said this was zigzag because of the phallic symbol on the top pocket But my comment was deleted ?
  2. Hi, I've brought stuff of Owen before But I did ask for the beret first . I also only asked for one set Then said it's okay if you sell It's fine though I think it's best we just leave it I could also show some pretty abrupt rude messages from yourself But I rather just leave it
  3. The above pic is also 9th Infantry may 1968 mini-tet
  4. This pic above is 9th Infantry in Cholon during Mini-tet in May 1968
  5. Great group, love the Brit eto jacket
  6. Joe, What boots did you wear out there
  7. This is the U.S. Army version you can tell from the front pockets and the peak on the hood
  8. I have the exact same style beret with Mobile riverine force beercan, however I cant seem to attach the photo
  9. Been through some pics i saved . and found what i Believe is a 9th merrowed edge patch this pic was taken in 1970.
  10. The last picture is a incountry made patch That vet did a tour from 68-69 http://vietnamsniper.com/tiger.asp Better pics on his site However some Of the 9th did wear merrow edge in 1970 when going home It's a great shirt btw cant see any fault In it .
  11. Real Green stiching is good sign
  12. i saw all this was resold on ebay recently apart from the tigers and knife
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