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  1. First off hello all. Brand new to the site, and this is my first post. My dad was in the Air Force back in the early 60's as a Weapons and Air Traffic Controller. I have a pic of him from 1964 when he was 21 standing next to a T-33 after his flight. He got to see all the major advances in jet aviation and is a big plan buff. Well it rubbed off on me big time. Now that Im older and have a little money to enjoy I got me a T-33 ejection seat to restore and put that picture on it in my office. So anyone out there who has parts to spare please let me know. I know most of you guys are like me and have all sorts of goodies stashed on shelves in your work shops lol. Or if any of you have a friend who would part with stuff send them my way. Thanks for any help!
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