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  1. Hey Steve. The ASA was an Army entity that was under the direction of the NSA. As I look back on my 7 years with them, I'm amazed at what our mission was. As I said earlier, it was classified TS-SCI and they made us sign 'non-disclosure' statements when we left the service where we couldn't discuss our mission with anyone for like 5 or 10 years, not sure which. But many an infantry commander, Army Rangers and Marine Commanders gave lots of credit to us for saving lives with our ability to 'research' through radio intercept and identify locations of VC units in the jungle through ARDF (Airborne
  2. Thanks guys. Hoping to get in contact with him. Tom
  3. Mitch, no I didn't see anything except Steve's responses. Tom
  4. Hey Steve. In January 1972, Dave Greenbank and I went to Fort Devens Intel School and went through a 6 month Morse code intercept course for the Army Security Agency. After graduating we both got shipped to the 8th RRFS (Radio Research Field Station) at Phu Bai RVN. ASA was not 'advertised' in Nam since out mission was Top Secret there with what we did. He and I were room mates along with 3 others. It was the 'cease fire' campaign which was pretty ironic since we got rocket attacks on our compound almost daily. In November of 1972, Phu Bai (Northernmost, hence the one Company A patch) began to
  5. Mitch: Can you tell me where you got this photo grouping? I was in Nam with Dave Greenbank and have been trying to locate him. I know he was from Wisconsin. Any info would be appreciated. Tom Lamonde
  6. Whomever posted this group of Viet Nam stuff. Where did you get it? I was at the 8th RRFS at Phu Bai with Dave Greenbank and have been trying to locate him. Any info greatly appreciated. Tom Lamonde Texas
  7. Hoping someone who posted this photo will respond.Trying to locate David Greenbank, Phu Bai RVN 1972...
  8. I saw a display of a buddy of mine that I was in Viet Nam with in 1972. Trying to connect with him hoping the worst hasn't happened to him. I saw a display someone posted but my effort to re-find it was futile. He was ASA Morse code interceptor at Phu Bai then Da Nanag. Any info about him would be appreciated.
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