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  1. I'm very pleased to own a Cobra panel, but have flown one? Amazing! Thanks for your service, Hawk3370. And the cat. Excellent photos too. Across the years, do you remember what the stencil said over the M-35 gun? Would be very interested to hear more of your experiences. The 20mm kept you further away from trouble, I understand? Pandora's Box appears in a couple of books. Flytiger, you're right on 2/20th ARA, flown by CW2 L Wayne Richardson and it also flew with 238th AWC. Blacksmith, it is a bit of an addiction. I'm onto my tenth panel now. The guy I got the Cobra panel from was far more s
  2. Nice yoke there. The handles look to lean forward quite a bit. Not the usual 'flat' shape.
  3. Sensible move there! That's quite a selection.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments, much appreciated. That's a lovely piece, Ram957. The family connection really makes it. My aunt dug up a Heinkel He111 which had tried to bomb her as a child. A great satisfaction, although the raid went on to demolish the family shop in Birmingham. The Waco instrument panel came across the Atlantic to the UK thanks to Swifter of this forum, having been found on US ebay by a Facebook friend in Turkey. It's a small world! The instruments were fairly easy to find, being less popular than the faster/higher rated fighter type gauges. The placards would have been t
  5. Thanks MattS, I'm fairly patient so nothing cost too much. I had to make the turret and wing stores panels. Have not seen either for sale. The sight was the most expensive part, especially postage. It turned out, from the Hebrew label, to be an ex IDF example.
  6. I found this excellent forum when Googling for images of a Cobra gunner's panel I was trying to fill. Was very impressed by a pilot's panel, way down the thread. I got lucky on ebay with an empty AH-1G panel from 68-15031. The Cobra saw service in Vietnam, named 'Pandora's Box'. I'm very much after a glare shield to finish it off, if anyone knows of one kicking around...
  7. Here's a project I've recently finished (nearly). CG-4 panel. It now has the switch but is missing a placard for the landing lamps but otherwise complete.
  8. Interesting piece. Doesn't appear to have any way of fitting it, unless it needs more finishing.
  9. No idea what that's off, but very much looking for a glare shield from a Huey Cobra instrument panel. Will be painted black with a 209- part number! Much appreciated if you dig one out! I'll check to see if I can ID your part. Any numbers on it?
  10. If anyone's interested, there's a 2 button example on UK ebay at the moment: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302610973663?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  11. Some lovely wheels! Your collection is quite astonishing, Swifter. This is my favourite. It turned me from someone with a few grips into a collector. A dangerous game...
  12. I'm looking for an M-73 reflex sight to finish off the pilot's panel, if anyone has a spare kicking around...
  13. This might be useful, Chris. He's listed it many times before so might be open to offers. Do check the size though. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Grumman-Aircraft-Factory-Logo-Pilots-Control-Yoke-Center-Cap-So-Nice-/282043253030?hash=item41ab168126:g:aagAAOSwPv9XMMZ6 I managed to get a complete S-2F3 yoke, but it didn't have the centre badge.
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