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    US military medals, attributable medal groups (i.e. named medals, or with significant documentation, ID dog tags, etc). Mostly interested in WWI and WWII, all branches and services. Special interesting in valor/gallantry awards.

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  1. I wouldn't rule out Austria or Germany as a possibility. Thank you.
  2. Good eye - I hadn't noticed what could very well be a ski. You may well be on the right trail. Thank you.
  3. For your consideration, this triangular insignia with the letters "ASC" under a red eagle has the "look and feel" of US WWII insignia though is manufacturer marked "J.R.GAUNT LONDON." It measures 1 1/4 inch along each side, blue and red enamels and gilt finished with a standard pin and catch of the British early to mid-20th century style. Any insights into the identification and history of this insignia/organisation would be appreciated. Thank you. with kindest regards, Tim
  4. I have this "National Greys" insignia that measures 3 inches high X 3 3/4 inches wide. I've not been able to find insignia to this unit that appears to have existed in the pre-Civil War Militia in Pennsylvania, though another source suggests Washington, DC. It's quite detailed and has a lovely gilt finish with the words"NATIONAL GREYS" on a ribbon at the bottom of a laurel wreath. It has four folding wires for mounting (on something) on the reverse. It may be for a shako, helmet or other accouterment. I have been unable to find on-line any comparable insignia to this unit so am unable to de
  5. Thank you very much, this is very helpful. Such an amazing coincidence - being in the same Company as your grandfather, they stood a very good chance of knowing each other. I am most obliged to you. with kindest regards, Tim
  6. In my care, I have a partial medal group (NY CSC; NY State Service Medal; French Croix de Guerre with Palm) to Cpl Joseph SPINLEY, USMC 5th Marine Regiment. The WWI Victory medal is, however, absent. By looking at his NY War Service Card (attached) would it be possible to determine what bars he would be entitled to for the Victory Medal? My reading of the card suggests that he was present with his unit in France from June 7, 1917 until wounded in action October, 4 1918. It seems that his wound may not have been disabling as he was assigned to a Replacement Bn on October, 15, 1918 then back
  7. That is good news, thank you, with so much stuff that "isn't-quite-right" out there. I find that period's uniforms and insignia quite interesting, so it is good to get a proper ID on this one. all the best, Tim
  8. Yes, the back has two wire loops, one on each side, in a rough "D" shape not quite 1/4 inch high. all the best, Tim
  9. Thank you. I'm betting that you are far more likely right about it being used on a shako more so than a helmet. Noting your 1,738 posts (as opposed to my 9!) suggests that your instincts will take you, more often than not, to drawing the right conclusions. Very much appreciated! with best regards, Tim
  10. Thank you Wake1941. I'm inclined to agree with you, thinking that the shape and size lend itself more likely to fit better on the shako than the helmet. That said, and with respect, have you seen one so used? with best wishes, Tim
  11. I'm having trouble determining on what headdress this large (5 1/2 inches wide X 4 inches high) insignia of the 32nd National Guard State of New York (32nd N.G.S.N.Y.) would have been worn. I'm wondering if it would it have been worn on the cloth/felt helmet or the leather topped-shako, or some other form of headdress? Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. If possible, an image of the plate on the correct headdress or a photo of it being worn during the period of use would be amazing though, I acknowledge, may be the "bridge too far!" Thank you. with kindest regards and
  12. Hi Bill, Thank you for your reply (above) and most helpful information in this string of 9 December. Initially, I had a little trouble navigating the site but eventually found it. The research into the individuals Service has begun. At the risk of taking the bucket to the well too often, I actually have a third NY CSC in my care - Number 2594. If I could impose on you once more, I would be most obliged for an identification. Thank you. with kindest regards and best wishes, Tim
  13. I have the following numbered WWII NY CSC's in my care: 1926 7822 Any assistance in restoring the identity of the recipients would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Tim
  14. Ahoy Rich! Its' great to hear from you. Thank you for putting your oar in the water. The family from whom I received it thinks (and is re-checking) that it may have belonged to an ancester by the last name of Wolfordt - possibly Charles or Jacob/Jakob. So nice to have as my "first at bat" responded to by an old friend. all the best, Tim G
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