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  1. Appreciate the insight on your observations, I had briefly glanced at the information on Eagle Patch Corner and had thought the patch may be a late war type as well in comparison and the stated information on the page. It really looks and feels to be an older patch, both these patches came from an older collection and the other patches are all authentic as well. Robin-
  2. I just received a patch grouping with these Airborne patches and would like to get some opinions on their authenticity and are they WWII period. I know that black light is not a 100% guarantee on these patches due to fakes. The 82nd patch is no glow and the 101st patch is no glow. Thanks, Robin-
  3. The surname may possibly be Hamel, I have seen this before and it is interesting that Hamel has the last four digits 7143 in his ASN. I would check to see if anything is available for Hamel and possibly he is missing ribbons as well. He has four knots on his GC ribbon which is quite a bit for lacking other campaigns in my opinion. He also could have been in the reserves after WWII explaining the National Defense ribbon and lack of Korean Campaign ribbons..Just some thoughts. Robin- Record: Richard Hamel – 31467143 0 Images Residence: Coos, New Hampsh
  4. Nice Blue's and Green's, I would have to agree that these are not the same person. I have a set of blue's that belonged to a Pfc. that became a 2nd Lt. (Mustang) and retired a Lt. Colonel going the other way..lol Robin-
  5. Time Capsule finds! Stepping back into history. Robin-
  6. Good to know, I will hold onto it for now and it looks great in my case! Robin-
  7. Thanks! I really had to pinch myself and couldn't stop giggling like a little kid once I had it in my hands..Ha Ha What is the market on these in a round about right now ? Robin-
  8. I figured it was time to share this EGA that I recently picked up in a grouping. I am really happy that I was able to identify it and be sure to acquire it at all costs! Robin-
  9. Yes, P44 USMC reversible camouflage jacket. Really did not get much use until Okinawa and the French in Indochina later on. Robin-
  10. I have seen this style ribbon bar before but not on a large rack like the one you have, what is interesting to me is that the PUC is Army and not USN or USMC. Robin-
  11. It was not the Marine Corps fashion to fix the chin straps behind their helmets. They either had the straps fastened or hanging generally, funny whenever I see a helmet for sale that is USMC with the straps fastened behind I think the person selling it was in the Army or watched to many movies,,Ha Robin-
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