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  1. Nice Vandergrift jacket, the laundry numbers unfortunately are not searchable through a database as of now. I am hoping as times goes by someone will be able to put some search available with these. Robin-
  2. Phenomenal, I would have most likely had heart palpitations! This is an EXCELLENT ID grouping and in my opinion priceless! Robin-
  3. Modified, I have a pair of type 1 P44 as well that are modified with no rear pockets.
  4. Follow the link below, a lot of useful information on this site for medal manufacturers and date ranges! Robin- https://usmilawards.com/manufacturers-of-us-awards-medals/
  5. It was a very good show! I saw many local sellers bringing out hard to find Militaria and not just the above mentioned Internet sellers. AZ has quite a bit to offer as far back as the 1980's Crossroads collectible & firearms shows and unfortunately as I learned from speaking to sellers on Saturday many states are hell bent on eliminating these venues all together! Sorry my friends but these are sad times when we allow our history to be systematically erased for future generations.
  6. 20 rounders I would say $30 each retail, sell more at $25 each... Robin-
  7. We where not given EGA's until we where assembled on the side street at MCRD SD getting ready to graduate. I agree it must have been crazy back then with all the platoons on the depots. MCRD SD 2nd Recruit Training Battalion, Bravo Co. Platoon 1077 02/02/1995 Robin-
  8. I agree, the photo may have been taken early in the training, who knows how chaotic 1942 must have been with supplies from manufacturers at this time. Robin-
  9. I will be attending, we have 2 tables in the south room! It is a sold out show and will have tons of militaria, come by and see us! Robin-
  10. I would not be su I would not be surprised if that was the case these days! I feel like everything I do outside of my home on the internet is a constant Spec Ops mission..lol Since the reproduction market has really taken off, manufacturers like Bronson are spending quite a bit on marketing I have noticed. They are making a large variety of WWII USGI and USMC clothing, damn shame! Robin-
  11. Interesting, I have not listed any auctions in awhile. I have went to buy it now more over to avoid this type of instance. Suggestion as you may probably have done in the past, set your buy it now $100 over your final auction price from the last two auctions with best offer. Just a suggestion to have a real buyer interaction than a possible bot or non paying bidder. Robin-
  12. Definitely a mixed bag of stamped and hand written, I shy away from colors other than black with marker but even then have to be careful. There are a few guys out there using newer stamp kits like the one I received at MCRD SD boot camp and marking uniforms, these are pretty obvious to me and larger letters and outline. Robin-
  13. Korean war era enlisted visor hat EGA. Robin-
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