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    Interviewing WWII veterans for future generations, WWII Uniforms, and WWII Women's Services. I also colorize and restore black and white photos.

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  1. Sorry, just saw this. Thanks!! The plane was AMAZING. A bit scary and first when it banked but the adrenaline thrill was beyond awesome. Definitely rattling and exhilarating!
  2. I realize this is slightly different than a "veteran recollection" but wasn't sure what other category to put it under so please understand Marine Raider Cpl Dick Vana was a dear friend I interviewed in 2015 and have uploaded some of his story here - He completed the Marine Raider training at Camp Pendleton and served in 3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st Marine Raider Battalion, 4th Regiment in Guam and Okinawa for 99 days. During the invasion of the island of Guam, Corporal Vana dodged a near miss Japanese bullet, which grazed his head in his helmet. He was an American hero and
  3. Thanks! I hadn't realized that about the star - I had to remove the insignia and braid to clean it and didn't realize the angle when sewing it back on. Thanks!
  4. I do it from a passion for the women's service in America and have a lot of veteran friends who have been huge influences on my life.
  5. Thank you! I try my best to look like the actual 40's style It's at the DuPage Veterans Foundation annual fundraiser for Honor Flight Chicago
  6. Everything is original except the shoes. I purchased the jacket and dress from a militaria seller directly. My friend had the officer cover I needed so I traded him a WWII WAVES Chief cover for it. These shoes are the All Heels On Duty brand. I had outgrown a couple uniforms so traded my friend who owns the company the uniforms for shoes. I've been helping her with the shoe company where I can so that's why I advertise the logo on my profile. I would love to get uniforms donated but most of the time I pay for the items LOL.
  7. Thanks everyone! There's been a lot of awesome ladies who have greatly helped me get here that I'm very thankful to.
  8. It's taken several years and awesome friends to help me find all the pieces, but I finally have a complete WAVES officer uniform. The seersucker working uniform consists of the dress and jacket made from a lightweight seersucker material for wear during the spring/summer. Accessories include the cover (either bucket hat as I'm wearing or the garrison cap), the black tie, optional black gloves, and black oxfords or pumps. The shoes I'm wearing are made by All Heels on Duty - https://www.allheelsonduty.com/product/black-o-a-o-oxfords/. They are the ONLY accurate and quality reproduction
  9. All Heels On Duty now is offering the O.A.O. oxford in white! It is available for a limited edition pre-order ONLY through April 19th! https://www.allheels...-o-a-o-oxfords/ These white oxfords were a staple among World War II servicewomen of multiple branches including the Navy Nurse Corps, Army Nurse Corps, WAVES, SPARS, Red Cross, Cadet Nurse, and for everyday civilian wear. Navy Nurses wore these shoes with the white working hospital uniform dress and the dress white uniform. Army Nurses wore them with the white working hospital uniform. WAVES and SPARS wore the white oxfords wi
  10. BRANCH: WWII Army Nurse Corps UNIFORM: ANC White Hospital Dress with Cape and white oxfords Group photo of Army Nurses in the white working dress with blue cape and oxfords
  11. BRANCH: WWII Army Nurse Corps UNIFORM: ANC Beige Off Duty Dress w/ Russet Oxfords, ANC Beige Dress Uniform w/ Russet Oxfords, ANC White Hospital Dress with Cape and white oxfords Several Army Nurses together
  12. BRANCH: WWII Army Nurse Corps UNIFORM: ANC White Hospital Dress and white oxfords
  13. BRANCH: WWII Army Nurse Corps UNIFORM: ANC OD Dress Uniform, ANC HBT uniform with helmet and leggings, Nurse in winter gear, ANC Overcoat over uniform, ANC Seersucker Working Uniform, ANC White Hospital Dress with Cape and white oxfords Group photo of several Army Nurse uniforms
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