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  1. Gentlemen - I can only stare and drool. Very nice cloth collection. I have one or two and can only wonder if they are real
  2. joepe

    Beret correct ID

    Thank you to you all - I am learning so much here and I appreciate all the inputs. I am not going to buy this item as it is way over priced and I will wait longer for a real Green beret.
  3. joepe

    Beret correct ID

    Thank you Sir - If the beret is dated around 1977 - it could be just after the Vietnam War. I also thought that amount the dealer is asking for it is extremely high - not many serious collectors will part with R 5 800.00 easily. I know the Rand is weak against the other currencies, but in our terms that is a high price and we don't know for sure if the owner was in fact using that beret during the Vietnam War.
  4. joepe

    Beret correct ID

    Good day Mr Owen So it is a real item. Strange to find that kind of gem on this side of the pond. Thanks for your input and yes, I agree that wording is not a very clear photo. And you say about 330 Us Dollars is not a bad price. Thank you so much Sir. Much appreciated
  5. joepe

    Beret correct ID

    Hi there I am from South Africa. Saw this earlier on a buyer's web site. The description said it is an original Vietnam era beret. The price is very high (R5800.00, which is roughly $330) Could this be a real piece from the Vietnam era? Thanks Joe
  6. A great source is a very new product by Mr. William Cotter - he sells on Ebay - https://www.ebay.com/itm/SALE-20-OFF-A-Collection-of-US-Army-Unit-Crests/114156860700?hash=item1a9447751c:g:~M4AAOSwP2Zed-ou
  7. Top row: (1) (2) (3) (4) Clemson University SC (5) (6) Not very sure but could be a variation of 104 MP Batt (7) 75 FA Batt Second row: (1) Pennsylvania National State Guard (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) 516 Engineer Batt Third row: (1) (2) US Army School of Americas or variation of the Jungle Expert badge (3) (4) 85 Maneuver Area Command (5) (6) 535 Engineer Batt Fourth row: (1) (2) (3) 8 Inf Div, 2 or 3 Brig A good source for crests is a book by William Cotter
  8. Mr Tredhed2 - Thank you for your interesting reply. I checked again and I admit I missed the 524 Recon Batt - I found this very interesting web site - https://www.usarmygermany.com/Units/ArmoredCav/USAREUR_24th Con Sqdn.htm I could not find any reference to 524 Recon Batt in the above mentioned web site, but I found this result on 524 Recon Batt - https://www.wwiigimilitarysurplus.com/shop.php?p=d|kkk|DI293||
  9. Sir Thank you for the photo. It kept me busy for a few hours. I also used the very nice book by Mr William Cotter - "A collection of US Army Unit Crests" I cam up with a few possible alternatives. One aspect I came across is that in some cases the "Coat of Arms" is used and some cases the DUI, but here is my results: Top Row (1) (2) 9 Inf Regt, but a very nice variation (3) (4) 23 Armored Inf Batt Second Row: (1) American Expeditionary Force, Siberia or 27 Inf with motto "NEC ASPERA TERRENT" (2) (3) 43 Inf Regt. (4) 53 Inf Regt variation Third Row: (1 and 2) The motto indicates to 55 Armored Inf Batt but on Wikipedia is an interesting input - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/56th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States) (3) (4) 374 Inf Regt Bottom: 524 Recon Batt
  10. It is indeed Purdue University ROTC as Pat already indicated. I used an excellent new book as reference. Joe
  11. Hallo - please assist - Was there ever a DUI approved or made to be used by the 95 th Chemical Company ? I saw there was indeed a 95 Chemical Mortar Battalion. Even this Battalion - was there a DUI made for this unit ? Was any shoulder patches approved or made ? Thank you Joe
  12. Hi there DHolly - I have the same answer as you about the bottom two as I also checked the ASMIC Motto Catalog. But I could find no photo's on the Internet of any of these DUI's. Another member replied and informed that all 5 DUI's are fantasy DUI's and never existed. So that leaves us with the question - where does these come from? Also look at my posting on 10 Aug. Apparently those are also fantasy DUI's
  13. Please I need the correct identification of these 5 US DUI's Thank you Joe
  14. Hallo Sir Darn - thank you so much Sir, I am from South Africa and me a friend in the US has searched high and low and at last - here is the answer. Very much appreciated and thank you for taking time to answer. Joe
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