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  1. i got some manequins on local craigslist. they fit nicely with any ww2 uniform. I have to find where i saw them for sale online. head was added by me.
  2. seller said he got it from a guy that was military, he got it from the vet. he even stated it wasnt a fake from “that guy”.
  3. I saw his other helmet. I asked for more info which im waiting on. we will see what he says.
  4. Hey guys, wanted to ask you your opinions on this helmet with vesicant paint camoflouge. ive been looking for one but have no experience with helmets that have vesicant paint on them. Thanks.
  5. Im 19, Only really interested in ww2 and korean m-1 helmets. Not much else. some of you have seen my collection, ive got around 25 or so helmets now, most have an insignia or are ided or what not. I even got a D-bail just recently. I think there is interest in the field, and it will remain popular.
  6. Here are photos outdoors. ill have to try again next week for more sunlight, but i wont be around the helmets for the rest of the weekend so i didn my best. the last teo photos are next to my minty pot.
  7. Haha, I remember when I bought it, thought it was the same thing, a medic lid. its a 33rd infantry division helmet in the avatar.
  8. Sorry guys I wasnt able to get photos outside today. In reply to nickman and stealthytyler, It seems to me that the swivel bail pot has the weird camo look to it that Has me stumped, while the bomber pot just has a dark area at the top. I feel the bomber pot can be ruled out as camo, maybe the dark area is just from the way the lid was used and handled. The pot however seems a little odd to be just from storage. Are there examples of lids with a blotchy discoloration to them from storage? Its just odd. Ill try again tomorrow at photos, so you all can properly see what im referencing to. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Will do, providing I have enough light when I get home.
  10. Does anyone have any comment on the swivel bail pot camo? Do you think it is camo or rather just discoloration over the years. I can say the original cork is all there, but if I put one of my unissued pots next to it, you can see quite a difference.
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