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    Semi geezer, retired CG CWO Boatswain. Have spent the last few years tracking down the lineage of Coast Guard and Revenue Cutter Service petty officer ratings and warrant officer specialties. Think I have a pretty good handle on all of it back to about 1829. Figure it is time to spread it around before I forget it all, or hit delete by mistake..

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  1. I believe ther are a couple of them at a neat little surplus store called "Bananas" down on route 6 in Wareham near Cape Cod..
  2. Look like old CPO white service dress trousers.
  3. The distinguishing mark is for Assault Boat Coxswain..
  4. Excellent move by the USN, Well Done.. Not sure how the seniority of officers is designated in the USN, but in the US Code concerning the Coast Guard, the CG shall have the following officers. Admirals, Vice Admirals, Rear Admirals, upper and lower half, Captains, Commanders, Lieutenant Commanders, Lieutenants, Lieutenants junior grade, Ensigns, Chief Warrant officers, Cadets, Warrant Officers, and enlisted personnel. Note that Warrant officers are the lowest officer grade.. Since 1908 the CG WO has worn the 1/4 " cap lace, since the 1920s the CG Cadet has worn the 3/8 " lace ch
  5. About 1947 the collar syle specs and the number of button on the front changer,, WW2 5 buttons down the front, 1947sh 4 buttons down the front.. When did the Naval Clothing Depot get disestablished.??
  6. A couple of photos from 1950 ALL HANDS magazine.
  7. July 1952 a USN announcement eliminated the rating badge from CPO khaki shirts. The rating badge was to be removed from the sleeve, a quick run through the laundry, a pressing and many more years of service life from the shirt.
  8. A fairly short lived change to CPO uniform regs. From about 1949 to 1952 or 53 a khaki rating badge was authorized for the long sleeve shirt that went with service dress and working khaki uniforms.
  9. Have checked through 1891, 1900, 1908 Revenue Cutter Service and first 1915 USCG uniform regulations and am unable to find any insignia fitting the description of the shield and bars.
  10. Pyrotechnic deck lockers, recorded by the duty GM on a daily basis ?? Dose it have a very small tab above the mercury bulb that would rise and fall with the temperature ??
  11. Looks like the USN answer to the Royal Navy Duffle coat for long, cold topside sea watches. Something to go with the arctic deck bib overalls
  12. Great info on the bearing bar. Learn something new every day.. Thanx
  13. Bearing bar, I'll assume is the rectangular brass bar with roller wheels at either end. If I recall that would be a roller plotter used to move course lines in a parrallel motion when measured from a compass rose on a chart. Usually this platter would be seen in the Combat Information Center (CIC) on a ship. They had a large circular 4' or so flat plexiglass template that represented the radar maneuvering board plotter sheet On this plotting table, the radar operator would call our compass bearings and ranges to surface contacts and the radarman on the plotting table would mark them with
  14. The small boat PELORUS, the compass rose instrument with the fold up sighting vanes is an outstanding and rare "keeper". Many commercial small vessel operator licenses require piloting using bearings to shore objects using a pelorus . Good metal instruments have not been made in years. In the want to cringe department, the lifeboat compass in the square brass binnacle, as far as the CG goes, was replaced on cutter small boats with a newer version. When they arrived, we were directed to take the old compasses out onto the pier and smash them up, heave them into the dumpster and complete th
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