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  1. Hi to all,


    I have several bicorn (cocked hats, cockades, chapeaus, whatever you want to refer to them as) hats. I had a question about a company of one of them. The makers mark states it is made by Federal Hatters, New Haven. Has anyone ever heard of this company? What did they specifically cater to manufacturing their hats for? Military? Masonic?


    Here is an example of a similar one by the same company I found on eBay.


    I looked up this maker, there is little to no information on them.


  2. Hello all. This is my first post and I am trying to identify this cap badge. I have exhausted all of my leads, except for one historian at the Pentagon whom has not gotten back to me yet. I think it is some sort of ROTC or Military Cadet cap. The uniform it goes to look similar to the USMC dress blues. I also know it is circa mid 1930's. When I found it is was being advertised as a Civil War uniform...however...the civil war uniforms didn't have zipper flyspost-162240-0-80180600-1457575357.jpg. >:(

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