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  1. "Hello swndo, First of all I would like to congratulate you..." Sorry...it was for you meffinger! Thierry
  2. Hi to All! Bonjour Jacqueline, Hello swndo, First of all I would like to congratulate you for your wonderful collection! ...from what you have shown because you talk about "from the Spanish American war thru Vietnam" and what we saw of "WW1 Marine named uniforms in post war Parade Dress" is already so impressive that I dare to imagine the rest of your collection! "I would ask why they preferred abstract faces and mannequins. As Mr Cortez explained, if you give the mannequin face a lifelike appeal your eyes go immediately to the mannequins face and make eye contact. Just like l
  3. Hi to All! Just finished... From that "poor" base... ...Until the final painting! Here some steps of the painting job ...not really US as it was realised to display a Feldgendarme, but it could works for any other character... Best to All! Thierry
  4. With no problem...it's more easy to camouflaged a face than to paint a clean head...for me. Best Thierry
  5. Hi Jacqueline, Hi to All, That's again a really nice job you've done here and the carved ears make of course a noticed difference for the lifelike rendering...What I really like is the aspect & colours you give to the skin tones, with a very tactful and subtle lifelike appearance...I'm still thinking that there's a real feminine touch behind. About sculpting, I realised a sculpted head for a complete mannequin, based on the head of a friend of mine who have a "tough" face...more precisely a face like I was looking for to illustrate for a "tough" soldier because even if the customi
  6. Hi Jacqueline, Many Thanks for your kind reply and your relevance...and always looking forward to see your "petites merveilles" Cheers! Thierry
  7. Thank you so much Johan! Of course...Yes! Did you visit the exhibition? Best Thierry
  8. Hello Mercenary25 Yes, "thin layer" means more or less diluted... The first color to apply depends a lot of the original base colour of the mannequin you work on. In the "tuto" (which is not really one) the first color used (second photo) was a complete repainting with a very light "grey- flesh-pink" (home made) because the base was clearly a grey base color not suitable to a natural skin tone and in that case it's necessary to cover the original paint by a new layer before starting to spotlight the features. In a large majority the original body color of the mannequin can be use as
  9. Hi To All! First of All, my compliments & more for your exceptional work Jacqueline...I discovered that thread recently and decided to register here just to express my admiration for your work in which we really recognize a feminine touch, pretty rare in that "men's world of militaria" Collector but also painter myself for some years now, I especially appreciate your painting job as I know precisely what it represents and I saw many "home made" mannequins customizations but none of them reach that level....a real great & mastered inspirational job!!! So, New on this forum, I w
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