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  1. This is the obverse of this particular wing: Not sure Orber made a more standard Adams style wing.
  2. Would be interesting to see any pictures you have. The British did make ‘economy’ plastic cap badges during WW2 so it is possible.
  3. Silver I would think, if they were subject to the same regulations as flight surgeon wings.
  4. I have similar wings of the types mentioned above. I love them; archetypal, simple and solid. Here they are:
  5. I’d say this is a late-30s / early war wing. I’ve seen an attributed wing of this type being issued in ‘38.
  6. Actually, looking at the wing through a loupe there aren’t tiny lines at all but a stippling that’s gives an impression of such on casual perusal. Still a decent quality wing.
  7. No, just ‘sterling’ punched into the rear of the shield. It’s an Amico-style wing but I’d say of a slightly higher quality e.g. it has tiny vertical lines in between the shield bars.
  8. Received an WW2 period engraved 2” pilot wing today with a roller catch I haven’t encountered before. Does this catch relate to any specific maker(s)?
  9. I managed to find the detail behind these two items and only Arthur J Grosby is in the frame. Edward was African American and so not eligible.
  10. Thanks both. And that’s one fine photo - loving the broken-down Thompson. He must have had some grit to mix it in the Airborne at a relatively advanced age.
  11. Thanks! As you say, both perhaps a little old to be a paratrooper, 34/35 on enlistment. But possible?
  12. Ah, yes. Now you say it I can see the two b’s are in fact two attempts at the one. However, I’m pretty convinced it’s a G as the first letter - both the scratched and the stippled letters appear to be so.
  13. I’ve had this crudely inscribed wing for a while and have so far not been able to find out who owned it. The name to me looks like Grosbby, which is a relatively rare one I suspect. Can anyone help in identifying who it might be, please? Also, does the symbol also scratched into the back have any significance?
  14. Looking at the jump wings and ovals thread there’s a Firmin wing on a 505 PIR oval. They were based in Quorn, 10 miles from Melton where I sourced the wing. Could the 505th have been supplied with a few boxes of Firmin wings for their PX? Who knows. So tantalising but alas merely circumstantial.
  15. Thanks Allan. Great to get your endorsement too. Very pleased to have taken a chance on this.
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