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  1. So does that mean that it is ww2 but post engraved or the medal itself is post with an old coffin box?
  2. Any ideas of what they are worth? I know some of the ww2 purple hearts are fairly valueable
  3. Hey guys, a friend of mine came into this and was wanting to know more about it. I am not versed enough in the engraving styles to know if this was actually done by the government and whether or not it is even ww2. Thanks for any help
  4. Does anyone happen to know anything about British helmets? Came across this locally but wasn't sure what it was or even when it was from. I think the liner is reproduction and perhaps The netting.
  5. Thanks for all the comments guys. I appreciate your expertise.
  6. Thanks for saving me some money. I guess it's better to stick to what you know
  7. Thanks for the help guys! Ill try and pitch in where I can.
  8. The squadron patch on the second jacket looks right and can be identified. Again, my area of knowledge is primarily in European and German firearms.
  9. I couldnt research the squadron due to not knowing where to look. I naturally assumed it would have been a navy squadron but I cant figure out what kind of creature that even is (fly+mosquito+wolf+dragonfly).
  10. This was offered on a bundle deal but I think it looks modern. Could be wrong also. No tags either.
  11. No there were no tags on the jacket at all. There was not a luminescent usn under the fur collar either. I think it may have wiped away with age. It supposed to be a Flying Tigers jacket. It looks the part but this is not my area of expertise. I focus mainly on handguns of Germany
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