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  1. Thank you Ron!! That P42 is definitely one of the centerpieces!
  2. Thanks Steve lol! Couldnt have done it without you!
  3. Its been a while since I lasted updated my display. Ive sold a lot of things in the past couple of months which has given the opportunity to buy and find newer and better things. Big thank you to all the guys on here that have helped me acquire all this! Let me know what you guys think! -Simon
  4. Beautiful!!! Nice n Clean too! Its getting harder and harder to find hawleys with the leather chinstrap! Great find.
  5. Whoah! Great find! Always wanted to go to SOS, and I think this definitely gave me some more inspiration! Beautiful pack! Congrats!
  6. Holy smokes!!!!! That is BEAUTIFUL!! Certainly one of the nicest USMC Groupings I have EVER seen! Im getting all tingly just thinking about it. Lol
  7. Great score! Any day you score USMC camo you had a good day!
  8. Oh wow! My dad and grandpa will love to hear that! Thank you so much Adam! You've really helped me a lot.
  9. Hi Adam! Thank you so very much for the photos! Definitely going to show them to my family, they'd love to see them! Do you have this medal?
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