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  1. Hey I resent the East coast comment i work 3rd shift in Pa... So....I am awake....lol But remember there are NO experts only some who know( or think they know) more than others.. I am NO expert. Just a realist...
  2. A pic of the entire ribbon bar might help id this ribbon
  3. 1- us: mexican boarder 2-us: ww1 victory with combat stars 3-French: national order of the legion of honour. (Officer) 4-french: war cross with bronze palm and star
  4. What do they usually sell for? I found one but the seller is asking around $86 plus shipping.
  5. Are the mountain covers more expensive than normal ones? As i am looking to purchase one.
  6. Platoon 1134 81(?) Private murphy Original owner?
  7. Unofficial World War I Inter-Allied. Victory ribbon
  8. Wow..ok... This is the way i got them as stated before. Do you have any access to the proper fuses?
  9. I have several of these, They are real as they came from an "uninventoried" room before the National Guard barracks was torn down. I was able to get around 30 of them all just bodies but I do have some spring kits and handles. Two of these came still in the packing tubes marked M289A1. This one is marked P9 and others are M6
  10. I took this fuse head out of my training grenade in order to photograph it. It is a vietnam era to modern training grenade. If i am wrong please inform me with knowledge as i am not knowledgeable in the different styles.
  11. Looking to buy several grenade fuzes for the practice M228 grenades. If you have any for sale please PM me, I do not need the extras just the heads. Thanks Dwayne
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