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  1. Why is it up for auction? Did he pass? Or just liquidating..
  2. Thank you. I actually am looking for the answer you gave as i am researching my answer for an older m16.. (Vietnam era)
  3. I have a question.. Sorry but i was Navy and never issued an M16. What was kept in the buttstock? Just a cleaning kit? Please educate a former squid. Thanks Dwayne
  4. Elizabeth, happy to say it's joining my collection for $5 I could not pass up a hand done piece like this for such a little money thank you for your input.
  5. Im in Pa. just north of Philadelphia. Any clue if this is one of his pieces??? Any clue what this little guy is worth??
  6. I picked up this handcarved Airborne soldier at the flea market this morning, he is 6 1/2" tall, no artist signature. anyone else ever see anything like this? If so post your pics. Don't mind the white string that is my inventory tag. Dwayne
  7. Palmerton is just down the road from me if you want to send me your email address I could possibly go up and maybe find his grave site and take a picture of his stone for you
  8. Kyle, greetings from the Allentown area of Pa. Dwayne
  9. Only other close is the Cuban Pacification but i highly doubt this one is it.. Good luck in the research...
  10. Nope..it is a true childs MP armband.
  11. check out the Washington National Guard decoration: Washington Achievement Medal (WSAM) - This decoration shall be awarded to any person who distinguishes himself/herself by specific acts and/or achievements resulting in enhanced or increased unit readiness, operations, morale, or mission accomplishment, as a member or in affiliation with the Military Department, State of Washington. This decoration is awarded for accomplishments of a lesser degree and shorter service duration than required for the WSCM. The WSAM is appropriate for presentation as an impact award.
  12. It is definitely a childs as i can barely fit my hand thru it.
  13. Picked up a childs MP armband, now I need a childs uniform to set up with the adult soldier. Anyone have a childs uniform for sale? Thanks Dwayne
  14. Im in the Lehigh Valley Allentown area
  15. I applied to have my grandfather's medals replaced. the Victory Medal is not listed on his DD-214 but when I got back the package from the National Archives they included it because he actually served during World War II
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