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  1. Wow..ok... This is the way i got them as stated before. Do you have any access to the proper fuses?
  2. I have several of these, They are real as they came from an "uninventoried" room before the National Guard barracks was torn down. I was able to get around 30 of them all just bodies but I do have some spring kits and handles. Two of these came still in the packing tubes marked M289A1. This one is marked P9 and others are M6
  3. I took this fuse head out of my training grenade in order to photograph it. It is a vietnam era to modern training grenade. If i am wrong please inform me with knowledge as i am not knowledgeable in the different styles.
  4. Looking to buy several grenade fuzes for the practice M228 grenades. If you have any for sale please PM me, I do not need the extras just the heads. Thanks Dwayne
  5. Either way they are awesome firearms to have in our collections.
  6. Look in front of the rear sight. Thats where my crest is at.
  7. I also think you have an Argentine contract Colt. Look in front of the rear sight to see if you have the Argentinean crest. I have one as I stated. It is not marked Government Property it also has the Spanish spelling of caliber.
  8. According to my research your 1911 was made in 1916. I have one similar i also thought was a 1913 but is actually 1915. I also looked at the Colt site to get a personal pistol research done on mine but the cost is $100. So if you want to authenticate yours check out the Colt Archive website. Dwayne
  9. Well well well.....i thought i had something good...thank for the info i never would have gotten that one..
  10. I got this navy uniform with some US militaria but I have no idea what it is, can anyone help ID or shed any information on this jumper. Thanks in advance. Dwayne
  11. HOLY SH@T!!!! there is a lot of information in this book...its gonna take me forever to go through it...money well spent!!
  12. Yes it is an original wwI canteen
  13. Thanks for the input i just purchased it from eBay..
  14. Looking for a good book to help a novice ID/collect EGAs, what book do you suggest? Any for sale? Thanks for any help in advance. Dwayne
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