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  1. Pants cargo pockets slimmed the fold so they weren’t as deep as they had been right from the Vietnam period. a separate jeans style waistband was introduced by some manufacturers Movement of the cargo pocket 1st button ( near the sewn down flap ) repositioned as before it caused pocket exposure even when buttoned letting things fall out. It was moved to about halfway from right at the front. the knee tucks were also moved closer to the cargo pockets near to the top of the reinforced patch rather than the middle.
  2. Germans also trialled 2 colour/shade variants on US woodland camo before they settled for the flecktarn.
  3. I think ones the British desert boots that were used during WW2 that were copied from civvi ones. I think the other was waxed Barbour jackets
  4. How about this 1986 movie jacket from Aliens, the cut is scarily close to the current USMC shirts and the colours are very much a nod to Multicam/scorpion, not bad to say a 30'odd year old movie prop was way before it's time.
  5. There's also a 3rd camo style with an autum/fall and summer print made by the British for the Americans for D-Day only and used by snipers in a twill cotton not HBT.
  6. Yes mate that maker mass produced BDU's 1990/1 100000%. The only ripstop 6 colour produced was an experimental sample from Natick in 1991. It was a polycotton blend in ripstop , flat hip pockets and all pockets closed with Velcro.
  7. Almost looks like the huge chest pockets were hip pockets that's been relocated.
  8. Earliest I've seen was 1990. Contract dates on desert BDU seems 1981/83/84/86 then big jump to 1990/91 , there's also 3 colour being put out at 1989 in M65 & armour covers. It would make sense 1990 as was rush production so fancy well made went out of the window for quick production. You'll also find 90/91 also had poor print too that quickly faded rather than like early stuff that had a real bite to the material.
  9. 1972 contract experiential from the desert chic chip trial
  10. I've got personally 2 special forces jump smocks dated 1977 in RDF cut in the 6 colour desert.
  11. I know the cap your on about, the colours were slightly altered. The desert pink and green'ish sandy colours in regular issue was swapped over on the cap and the suit that it came with.
  12. In fact it looks like to me it's one side sewn to the hat Aussie digger style. It's the angle that makes it look like a baseball cap style.
  13. I'd say early 80's with the chest pockets also with regards to headgear , could be what us British did with jungle boonies , folded the back and sides inside the hat to make a crude watch cap.
  14. The pants are collectible is their own right and regularly fetch good prices
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