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  1. I just want add that it is so useful to have ASMIC DI Catalogs to help ID DIs. In this case I used "State Guard Distinctive Insignia". Published by K & M Collectibles. I thought with the "NYG and 3" it might be state guard. Pat
  2. Here is another one of those finds in ebay not under Militaria. These DIs were found under "Historical Memorabilia, Fraternal Organizations, Red Cross". The seller was curious as to what they were. He said they came with serval other types of pins. I don't search in other categories for long. This listing came up in about the first 25. Just lucky. I'm waiting for a couple more DIs found in other categories. I hope to list those too. I hope you enjoy looking at these. Pat
  3. I have a couple of DIs with an S-38 hallmark. I can not find the manufacture in any of my ASMIC books. I looked in the TP J-S 2003 article "Collecting Distinctive Insignia of WW II" . The article also lists postwar hallmarks. But, I could not find it. I'm guessing post '60s. Thanks, Pat
  4. You are right. There are great finds on ebay. I bought this 256th FA DI in 2018. It was listed under "Other Pinbacks" It was a "Make Offer. I offered $10.00 and they took it. This DI is listed in ASMIC's "Best of the Best" page 51 Field Artillery DIs. Take care, Pat
  5. Great collection! I have been collecting DIs for several years. I like screwbacks and pinbacks. Across all branches. If I find a nice one, I buy it. The fun part is finding them in the weirdest paces. For example with jewelry at flea markets. Also, in non-militaria categories on ebay. The hunt is the fun part. I just found a 52nd CA D ondero screwback on ebay. It was under the Transportation, Railroad and Train category in Collectibles. I guess because of the steam engine on the DI. Thanks for sharing your collection. Pat
  6. Last week I won an auction on ebay for 7 pin lot. I wanted it because it included a DI pinback from the 214th CA and an Army-Navy production E award. But what is funny the lot also included a gold pin with eagle just like yours row 3 item 1. I'm a DI collector and have never seen one before. Now I have seen two, yours and mine. Also, you never know where you will find DIs. The other pins were not military. This lot was in "Collectibles, pinbacks, campaigns, elections, politics". You never know where you will find DIs. I have found DIs in many different categories
  7. This is a variation for the 93rd Signal Bn. US Army. Info from ASMIC Signal DI Catalog. Take care, Pat
  8. I happened to see this DI before. According to ASMIC Charge book it should be Purdue University ROTC. "On a black shield with a red border a gold griffin holding a gold lamp of knowledge". Hope this helps. Pat
  9. Thank you patches for your info. I found the article in the Jan-Mar 1986 Trading Post. Written by Robert Capistrano. Titled "Is it Really Old? Periodizing Your Distinctive Insignia. Includes info on fasteners and hallmarks. Pat
  10. I have a question and I know I can get the answer here. I'm trying to find out when the different DI fasteners were used. That is, when were pinback, screwback and clutch back DIs worn? I'm sure this subject was in the Trading Post. I have Trading Posts back to the '80s, but I don't recall this subject. I think screwbacks and pinbacks were worn around the same time. With pinbacks continuing into the 1950's. Clutch backs coming along in the 1960's. But, I was wondering if clutch backs were used earlier. I thought clutch back collar brass was worn in the 1940's. So I thought that
  11. According to ASMIC Medical Distinctive Insignia Catalog its for the 338th General Hospital. I had to use the ASMIC Charge List first. The DI has two buffalos on a red shield with a red cross. Hope this helps. Pat
  12. 169th infantry reg. Conn. Nation Guard, WWII Pacific 43rd Inf Div. Pat
  13. I have attached a photo of a cufflink with what appears to have been made with a DI. I have from time to time purchased DI’s which have been made Into jewelry. Sometimes a veteran will have a DI made into jewelry. Or, a company will use DI dies change the colors and use them to make Jewelry like a brooch. My problem is I can not identify this crest. I have checked all of my ASMIC DI catalogs and the “Charge Catalog”. I have found nothing. I don’t think it is military. It has charges like a DI, but the cross on the top leads me to believe it is not military. Meyer is the
  14. First one is an early version of the 134th Field Artillery (Ohio NG 37th Div). This info according to ASMIC DI catalog Vol 1 Part 2 page 16 134A1.
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