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  1. and today find a beo gam 4 pockets same pattern. Look Japanese tailor made, have hand writing inside.
  2. Hello. I bought this 2 tiger stripe last week.need opinions on the tiger short pants.it have white tag and named inside.the tag look same Korea tag uniforms in Vietnam war. Thanks you for all comment. Silkroad.
  3. Hello. I bought this jacket today.Full insignias with ARVN? rank. Is this an advisor jacket? Any info welcome. Thanks you. Silkroad.
  4. Hello. My newest find camouflage.The USMC reversible very odd for me.Maybe it Experimental? It have a tag at pocket cover. Any info welcome. Thanks you. Silkroad.
  5. Thanks you for all reply. At the back show hand painted.
  6. Hello, I bought this ERDL Jacket last week.My first named 173rd.All tag missing but I think it pre 1970. Can get some info of this jacket. Thanks you. Silkroad.
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