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  1. Haven't been able to find what this pin is, It has Antaya silver filled GI on back with two pins, thanks
  2. I had some wound stripes that were brass but this is on looks like on wool material and has flower? on it looks like a mini shoulder board kinda shape, has two wide tabs on back, anyone help with info and what it is? thanks
  3. Forgot to mention in case you can't see it in photo the water ripples at bottom of flag reads Execution of U.S. Airmen
  4. The bar is a little wider then I've seen, has long pin across back, not the prongs with back to fasten kind, looks like purple, maybe purple heart? and off white which might have been white originally with red & gray stripe in middle, wondering if German maybe, can anyone help? thanks
  5. Have acquired a lot of items from a Nam Vet, his Dad was a dentist in Navy during WWII and after, found this clipping framed and wanted to share.
  6. Found these metal gold bars/stripes attach to metal back plates I guess you'd call them with holes in ends, were in with pins never seen like this before, anyone help?
  7. Can't find these patches, can anyone help identify, thanks
  8. These were in with patches and look like socks kind of but open at both ends, anybody know what they are?
  9. My friend found this pair of wood spoke wheels with U.S. Royal Fleetway tires on them, one tire is pretty rough to read but one has USMC on it, does anyone know when they date to or if used for cannon or what? Thanks and they are for sale but so heavy to ship,
  10. It's a little tattered but wanted to share because it's a little different. Marked on bunting F. Vanderherchen Sons Philadelphia Penna.
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