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  1. I'm not going to down this, but if you wanted a repo one to compare to a real one then here it is for cheap. 203023575805
  2. Go to your picture and right click. Drop down screen comes up and if you have paint click open > then> open in paint. Your picture will then open in paint. At the top you will see File_ Edit _View_Image... Click Image Drop down screen opens. Click Resize/Skew Drop down opens with Horizontal and Vertical, change to 50 percent Horizontal and 50 percent Vertical. Just do the Resize not the Skew. Now click OK and when you close the page click save. Now you should be able to paste your photo because it will be less bits. It will be a little smaller but not much. If it won't work and is still
  3. TODAY Today my father died. He won the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of two soldiers who were liberating the concentration camps of Germany, so no more innocent people would have to suffer at the hands of tyranny. He gave his life for freedom, and asked for nothing in return but respect. He was a veteran. Today my mother died. During the Korean war she was a nurse. She was awarded many medals but all she wanted to do was help ease the woundeds pain. You see, they were there so you could have the honor telling everybody about your rights as a free American. All she wanted in return was
  4. So seeing how I'm the only one that uses this page I'm gonna put a couple of things up (soon) so don't tear me apart and just enjoy what I'm gonna show you. OK? I know somebody will find it very interesting.
  5. That's it I'm not buying no more on line. I always thing I'm getting a deal.......................
  6. Maybe your right. I should take a hammer to it just so it won't ever be around.
  7. MMMMM where's everybody else. I've got guard duty and the corporal of the guard didn't bring my mid-rat's and my 8-track is broken. I hate guard on the RC gate.
  8. I found something else. I'll show when it arrives. Funny how you can find old stuff.
  9. I have something else,but I know it would piss off the Sergeant Major. Maybe I'll show it if he promises not to kick my butt.
  10. Well since nobody is here. I'll just wait and see if anybody thinks this is blasphemy or honoring?
  11. What happened everyone on leave???????
  12. Nice collection. Are those named?
  13. Now I get it. I wish sometimes there was an edit button. Sorry my mistake.
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