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  1. I'm not going to down this, but if you wanted a repo one to compare to a real one then here it is for cheap. 203023575805
  2. Go to your picture and right click. Drop down screen comes up and if you have paint click open > then> open in paint. Your picture will then open in paint. At the top you will see File_ Edit _View_Image... Click Image Drop down screen opens. Click Resize/Skew Drop down opens with Horizontal and Vertical, change to 50 percent Horizontal and 50 percent Vertical. Just do the Resize not the Skew. Now click OK and when you close the page click save. Now you should be able to paste your photo because it will be less bits. It will be a little smaller but not much. If it won't work and is still to large redo again and do 25 percent.of less each time.
  3. TODAY Today my father died. He won the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of two soldiers who were liberating the concentration camps of Germany, so no more innocent people would have to suffer at the hands of tyranny. He gave his life for freedom, and asked for nothing in return but respect. He was a veteran. Today my mother died. During the Korean war she was a nurse. She was awarded many medals but all she wanted to do was help ease the woundeds pain. You see, they were there so you could have the honor telling everybody about your rights as a free American. All she wanted in return was respect. She was a veteran. Today my son died. He served proudly in Vietnam. He was wounded twice. He was awarded the Navy Cross. He served there so you could joke about how stupid it is to join the military as you burn the American flag. All he wanted in return was respect. He was a veteran. Today my uncle died. He was fighting terrorists in the Middle East. He died alone and suffered for hours at the hands of his captors. As they beat him to death they laughed and told him how great their god was. Pray for him the next time you worship in the church of your choice. You see the blood he shed gave you that right. All he wanted in return was respect. He was a veteran. Today my Grandfather died. He died alone in a nursing home. He could not speak because his voice box was destroyed by poison gas in World War One. As he tried to speak they called him a senile old man, He wanted to pass on his purple heart to someone who cared. Think about him the next time you boast about your right to free speech. All he wanted in return was respect. He was a veteran. Today is Veterans Day. When you think about who gave you all these rights, walk into the veterans home and see what the veterans gave. Take a stroll in the cemetery, but walk softly because they are resting and they are in Gods gentle hands. Close your eye’s and listen to how free you are and then ask yourself, "What have I given to the Veterans?'' Today when you are at the World War Two memorial and watching the kids play in the fountain and people dipping their hands in the cool water, just think to yourself how free they are to do that and how the laughter drowns out the bitter screams of so many battles. Today is a peaceful day and smile that we are so free. Written by Jim
  4. So seeing how I'm the only one that uses this page I'm gonna put a couple of things up (soon) so don't tear me apart and just enjoy what I'm gonna show you. OK? I know somebody will find it very interesting.
  5. That's it I'm not buying no more on line. I always thing I'm getting a deal.......................
  6. Maybe your right. I should take a hammer to it just so it won't ever be around.
  7. MMMMM where's everybody else. I've got guard duty and the corporal of the guard didn't bring my mid-rat's and my 8-track is broken. I hate guard on the RC gate.
  8. I found something else. I'll show when it arrives. Funny how you can find old stuff.
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