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  1. Well, I just started collecting, so these are the only wings I have so far, and they're nothing special except for the sentimental value. These are the actual Air Assault wings that were pinned on me in September 2002 upon graduating from Air Assault School.
  2. Here are some theater-made CIBs I purchased in northern Iraq. The locals started cranking these out pretty quickly, since I purchased them in mid-2003 not long after the invasion. And this, one of my most prized pieces, is the actual CIB that was pinned on me in April 2003 a few weeks after the Battle of Baghdad.
  3. I remember before we redeployed back to the states in early 2004 they made us turn in all of our old crusty DCU's, and issued us a new set to wear home, I guess so we would look nice for our families. I don't know if that was Army wide SOP or just my unit/brigade. For some reason they let us keep the MOPP suits, though. Who knows what happened to those initial DCU's... The higher ups probably just gave them to the Iraqis to wear....
  4. Here is the actual MOPP jacket I wore during the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. I still have the matching pants, but they are in storage. We wore no markings or insignia on the jacket, other than a thin strip of dark green duct tape wrapped around the pocket flap on the left arm. On this we wrote our rank, name, and blood type. (The tape has since been removed.) As you can see on the clothing tag, I wrote my name as well as the date and time that I removed the MOPP clothing from it's initial wrapping. We did this so we would know how long it was good for and how long we had worn it.
  5. I enlisted in 2001. The tags I was issued (from Fort Benning and Fort Campbell) were embossed, but I've gotten some at off-post places that were debossed.
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