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  1. They are still awarded concurrently, for eligible units. For the NDSM, you just have to be in the military, period. For the GWOT Service Medal, you have to be in a unit that is directly supporting a mission or deployment for the GWOT. For a while, everyone in the military got both regardless of what their unit was doing. I think they started cracking down on that a number of years ago, though. I agree with you, it should be one or the other. While we're at it, let's get rid of the Army Service Ribbon and NCO school ribbon. And the Overseas Service Ribbon is way over-awarded, too.
  2. I'm not sure of the years... And I think it was originally for Afghanistan, but I've seen pictures of our guys in Iraq wearing it.
  3. That looks very similar to the MOPP suits we wore in '03 for the Iraq invasion. Ours had the same weird black charcoal-less liner, but we only had one pocket, on the left sleeve. They were supposed to be good for up to six washes but of course we never washed ours...haha...
  4. I don't check thrift stores much, but I have been noticing a buttload of multicam/scorpion stuff has been showing up in the last year or so in the local military surplus stores. Looks like that first crop of soldiers to be issued it is ETS'ing and getting rid of their stuff!
  5. Currently reading "When Hell Was In Session" by Col. Jeremiah Denton. It was crazy the stuff those guys put up with.
  6. So what's the story with that white CIB??
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this question, but this seemed like a good place... Are there any references for how different units/companies/platoons/etc. applied camouflage paint to their faces? I know that when I was in the 187th Infantry (Rakkasans) we had to apply the paint on our face so that it looked like a torii. I can't remember if that was actual SOP or just "strongly encouraged," and I can't remember if it was at brigade level or just battalion. Anyway, I always wondered if other units had such an SOP for specific patterns of camo paint.
  8. It could have just been an editorial oversight when they were putting the book together. Some researcher mistakenly thought Leonard received two MOHs, and Lafferty only one, but when they printed the next edition they corrected it. Just a possibility...
  9. Uniforms look so much cleaner when only the "top 3" are worn... I wish that had been mandatory when I was in! Sooo much "bling" on Army dress uniforms nowadays...
  10. I picked this up at an antique store at least 15 years ago. I don't know anything about it, and neither did the place I bought it from. Every once in a while I would try to research it but never had any luck. Here's a picture of four different angles, as well as the hallmark on the inside, so if there are any "ring guys" here, maybe you'll have some insight. I realize it's probably just some generic commemorative ring, but it would at least be nice to know roughly what time period it's from.
  11. Huh, interesting... I always thought the patches that had that white cloth backing were theater made. Or at least non-U.S. Also, I compared these to other desert patches I have which I bought in the U.S., and they are slightly smaller than "official issue" ones and the colors are slightly off. Guess they just came from a different manufacturer.
  12. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some details about these 101st patches.... I picked this up in a "junk box" at a surplus store for maybe $2. I'm not sure if the tab is original to the patch (actually I'm pretty sure it's not). My question is, what era is this patch from? Knowing the kind of stuff that's in this surplus store, I believe it could possibly be Vietnam era, but for all I know it could have been made 5 years ago. It does seem a lot "flimsier" that more recent patches, though, which is why I think it's fairly old... These next few I picked up in Ira
  13. The only image of this I can find is huge so I don't want to post it in the text: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/NormandySupply_edit.jpg And this D-Day landing one is also pretty incredible...
  14. 1) Did Green Berets actually wear their berets sometimes when going out on missions in the bush or is that a B.S. movie myth? 2) Were helmet markings/patches for specific units (e.g., Clubs, Spades, etc.) as prevalent during Vietnam as they were during previous and subsequent wars? 3) When certain Ranger units wore Airborne wings on their patrol caps, did they also wear them on their uniform, or was it an either/or kind of thing? Thanks
  15. The seller added this note right before the auction ended: "The MOH Ribbon will not be sold in this auction and will be taken off the jacket when shipped."
  16. That's the genius of that law, though, from the lawmaker's point of view... They can enforce it because 99.999% of people will not waste one penny or one second of time trying to defend their right to buy or sell a specifically designed tiny one inch cut of ribbon, and it's not like a CIB or Purple Heart where there are hundreds of thousands of them in play, and freedom of speech can easily be tested on it. I'm honestly surprised there isn't a huge Chinese counterfeit market for MoH stuff. Or maybe there is...?
  17. That is absolutely ridiculous....
  18. It's not illegal to OWN.... just illegal to buy or sell.
  19. 3/187. Now that you mention it, I'm not 100% sure on when we turned everything in. I was sure it was before redeployment, but it could have been right after we got back.
  20. Is there a way to tell the specific year a pair of (Bullwinkle) AA wings was made? I want to get a pair from 1974 and I don't know if there are any specific hallmarks or design characteristics that would make this possible. Or any kind of packaging for ones that are still unopened.
  21. Here are a few random ID cards I found shortly after the Battle of Baghdad in April 2003. They were all found in the vicinity of what at the time was still called Saddam International Airport, except for what I think is a driver license, which I found in Tall Afar. I'm not exactly sure what these are, since I don't speak a lick of Arabic, so maybe there are some Iraq War experts (or Arabic speakers) out there that can help me. The items that are laminated, I found that way. This first piece I think might just be a driver license, since I found it in the glove box of a truck. It's about
  22. It just says "Made in USA" next to one of the pins.
  23. Thanks fellas! I'll work on getting a good close up pic of the back of the subdued CIB, because there are some markings. On the left side by one of the pins it says "GI" and in the middle there's what looks like a trapezoid version of the yin yang symbol.
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