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  1. That theater made lapel patch is awesome... very exotic looking!
  2. What would have been on that other nametape that's above his name?
  3. How do you get to be a general in an infantry division and not have a combat patch, skill awards, or any tabs? Or do you think he just decided to not put them on his uniform for some reason?
  4. Also, if that was an Operators coat, even if it didn't have skill badges it more than likely would have a Ranger and/or SF tab, right? I think the fact that it lacks those is more telling than missing skill badges.
  5. An infantry LTC with a combat jump and double CIB... There can't be too many of those running around, right? I bet someone could narrow it down to just a few names if they knew how to do the research. Gotta be a Ranger or someone from 173rd maybe?
  6. That pattern is often called "urban camo." It was kind of popular in the 90's. I swear I've seen pictures of police or SWAT using it, but that was a long time ago.
  7. Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can "lighten up" a tiger stripe top? I have a bottom-of-the-line reproduction one, and the colors are really dark and muddy. I just want to make it a little brighter so it doesn't look so crappy. I was thinking of dumping a dash of bleach in the washing machine and running it through to see what happens but I wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas.
  8. I tried to use a binary decoder for the binary on that back patch but it comes out as complete gibberish. As in, it's not binary at all, just random 1's and 0's. My money is on some kind of theatrical/movie costume, or just some fantasy "military chic" wardrobe pieces. Then again I'm not an expert.
  9. There's a lot of patched and semi-patched stuff like this at my local surplus store.... usually priced anywhere from $15-$30.
  10. Yes, IBA, as has already been mentioned, in Woodland Camo. Neck and groin protectors were issued, but never worn. Helmets were PASGT, with the nylon webbing inside and the single chinstrap. I think some higher ups got the fancier helmet guts later on. Also, during the invasion we wore MOPP suits 24/7. Switched back to DCU's after a couple of weeks. Also, like Major Z said, vehicles in the early days of the war had zero armor, and painted Woodland Camo. I think I only ever saw Generals riding around in up-armored vehicles. All we had were sandbags on the floor, and in warmer weather we even took the doors off the Humvees. And we never wore seatbelts, either.
  11. Maybe a stupid question about SOAR... are they not required to be Airborne qualified?
  12. I wonder if he was clowning around and did that on purpose... "Hey, Mac, I'll buy you a beer if you put your CIB on upside down for the picture...!"
  13. Why is he wearing the SSI like that? Was there some unit level regulation or something? EDIT: Nevermind, I found a whole thread about it here in the forums!
  14. I have a Soldier of Fortune magazine somewhere from the '80's, and I remember seeing an ad in there for a group that would take veterans to China or somewhere to do jumps and you would get wings. I wonder if this is related somehow? I'll see if I can find it when I get home...
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