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  1. I've seen 2x sized ACH helmets before. If I recall there was one on ebay awhile back. Never seen *any* covers made in 2x though Also I've been searching for one of the UCP-Delta covers for about a decade, with no luck LOL
  2. the goggles should be green frame, black strap. The NVG plate on the front is designed (but rarely lines up) to screw through one of the slits in the cover. They never made a cover with a dedicated hole for the NVG plate.
  3. Some time back I was told the original black/green MSA pads were deemed unsuitable for parachuting and Airborne units had to replace all of them with the newer grey pads. Has anybody heard anything like that?
  4. agreed, it's not a military contract coat. It could have very well come out of the same factories as the "real" thing, but it's not actual US Military issue/contract
  5. Yeah, that's right out of the 80-90s. I remember seeing that brand beret in Brigade Quartermaster in the 1990s
  6. As mentioned above, it's almost impossible to ID a helmet paint job to a specific unit or for that matter is it is even painted while in service. I'd say at least 80% of the MICH/ACH helmets I see that are painted have been done for "fun" or to increase the coolness/sell-ability of the helmet. Very few units were simply allowed to paint their helmets and of those, most of the them were required to strip the camo paint off or repaint it to the regular grey/green color. With that said, at a glance I don't like the helmet you posted. It's just too "new" looking, new chin strap, new pads, new p
  7. it isn't VN era. The early ALICE packs from 73 had different details. The one in the photos is later. Also I think the shoulder straps aren't even "real" they look like the aftermarket ones made in Korea.
  8. this is the Safariland/SPEAR version. Oddly enough, I bought some from a guy that had been in the Air Force.
  9. Agreed, those are the ones made by SDS and are a completely different design from the SPEAR version
  10. This is the 1986 Load Bearing Vest system. Developed by Natick Research, the vest were made by Adventure Specialist and the backpacks were made by Lowe Alpine. They were field tested by the 7th Infantry an d Special Forces during the mid-late 1980s. I've had a couple of these, they are very rare and hard to find.
  11. they are not rare, they are all over ebay (US Military surplus) and run about $10-15
  12. while I am 95% certain those are all reproductions, They can actually bring decent money from reenactors
  13. 2005 MSA MICH Helmet Was purchased near Albuquerque New Mexico. Defiantly Special Ops used. Highly modified. Possibly AFSOC.
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