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  1. Here's a pic of the button. Shirt has lower pockets only.
  2. Hi, Does anybody have examples of 30s and 40s military issued white "skivvy" t-shirts? Please post photos. Thanks, James
  3. Hi, According to Johnson's...this cannot possibly be an authentic piece. However, I believe it to be so. It's seems to match the pattern details as well as the cut shown in the book. Still, Johnson writes that the LLS patterned jackets were only commissioned in the N2B-EXP-2P cut. Also, there is an "A-M" black ink stamp that Johnson notes was used on Advisor's Type Dense clothing. Do I have the pattern wrong? Is it possible this is original? Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks, James Please do not use outsides links for posting images.The forum has its own uploading system.
  4. Wow. Thank you all. Very helpful. I'll edit the listing. James
  5. Discolsure: I'm the seller. HI, I'm just curious as to whether or not I can authentic these pants as WWII era or repos. The plastic buttons and adhesive cutter tags are unusual for 1st pattern HBT Trousers, I think. Also, the watch pocket is different than others pictured on this forum. Are there any fabric or stitching details that would give it away Thanks, James
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