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  1. is it tailled by sewingmachine or handmade
  2. addition details ... '1903' could be the tailingyear
  3. could be the contractnumber and not productionyear
  4. i already searched for similar samples under the military academy tunicas and was not successful ... another sample of this kind of uniforms 'aide de camp service'
  5. nobody knows from wich csa-state the uniform originate ... i myself bught it several years in tn-memphis for 25 $ from personal offer
  6. In my civil war books i not found this kind of uniforms ... it seems the officials of 'aide de camp service' weared this kind of with shoulder boards ... Like Joseph S. Dean too on this pic
  7. thank you all for your statemens and i am able to send more pics for identification
  8. of course some confederate uniforms had shoulder boards this famous pic shows second lieutenant j. b. washington ... the guy on our left sits with his old westpointclassmate, second lieutenant g. a. custer, on the day Washington was captured, 31 May 1862
  9. Thank yourself for the statements, gentlemen ... You have an idea what the shoulder boards represent ... Regards Gerd
  10. for additional pics i can send detailled images by e-mail ... regards gerd
  11. Real or not ... Confederate Civil War Uniform
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