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  1. There's a good one on eBay at the moment
  2. ccfc

    506th DUI

    Sorry was referring to ovals
  3. ccfc

    506th DUI

    Nasty... I have seen a couple of real ones on eBay lately though they seem to go for between £380-£500
  4. ccfc

    506th DUI

    To me the one John4022 posted is a correct British made example. The Austrian version has a different pin set up. If it's theatre made then I wouldn't like to suggest whether it's WW2 period or not but it's not for me
  5. ccfc

    506th DUI

    I've not seen one like that before but am willing to be educated CCFC
  6. I think these Bell wings are the nicest design. 100% original CCFC
  7. Welcome and sincere condolences. I've been a fan of your site for many years Look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions Lee
  8. If the grouping includes the German Para helmet what will you be trading for it? If that checks out, that alone is valuable. The uniform looks all correct for me I'd love the cap myself, been chasing these for a while CCFC
  9. Thanks for the help chaps Much appreciated Lee
  10. Hello I have this Sterling marked CIB and wanted to confirm whether it was WW2 period or later. It has Sterling marked pinch pins with no dimples which is a good sign I guess Any comments or opinions would be appreciated Regards Lee
  11. The background is chocolate and matches perfectly to an army service officer uniform. Not trying to justify it as I'm not convinced myself Appreciate the opinions Thanks
  12. Hello Folks Appreciate your opinions on this please. I'm putting together a WW2 uniform and picked up these overseas stripes from eBay. Genuine WW2 or not??? They smell old Thanks for your help Lee
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