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  1. Looking for photos, letters, and a Purple Heart to a Ralph E Weikal, 89th Infantry Division WW1. I have his helmet.
  2. Beautiful uniform, this is awesome! Great looking display.
  3. Heres a great uniform I have to share with you today! Got this off eBay, and I saw 2nd Lt William C Odonnell was with Hq Co 28th Marines 5th MarDiv on the muster rolls, but didnt find his obituary until a few days after I got the uniform in hand. I was suprised to see he received the Silver Star Medal for actions on Iwo Jima written in it! I added the period 1/2 Silver Star Ribbon, but the EGAs, patch, and insignia are all original to the uniform. The EGAs are solid sterling H&H marked screw backs. 2nd Lt ODonells Citation:
  4. Hello, I have several of the cheap small-medium sized, hollow back, white mannequins shown in the link below, and they work great for everything from WW1 Navy jumpers to Korean War G1 jackets. However, the neck is too thick and I cannot get USMC dress blue uniform to fit onto them because of the neck. Does anyone have a good suggestion with what mannequin I should use? Im looking for something fairly cheap, since I have about 3-4 mannequin worthy dress blues that I feel should be displayed. Here are the mannequins Im currently using; https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%
  5. Btt in memory of the Bonefish, sunk this day in history 1945
  6. Thanks Nick, I have not yet but am planning on pulling it soon
  7. One of my favorite uniforms, named to David W McCullough, who served with A Co 1st Bn 5th Marines 1st MarDiv and saw action on Okinawa and Peleliu. He was WIA on 5 April 1945, and returned to duty. He fought at the Battle of Shuri Castle. I added the period Fourrangere. I love the patch on this one!
  8. Lovely uniform! I have a Hq co 3/1 captains uniform, who was on Gloucester as CO. Mightve known your guy! Anyways, thats a great uniform, but since he got out of the reserves in 1965 does that mean youll be at the mercy of a FOIA request for another 7 years? Is there any way to get his BSM citation without going through the NARA?
  9. Yeah, just ribbons and such. Original names. Some of them look like hump jobs made buy our friend relichunter52 on eBay, perhaps BayState doesnt know all of his uniforms are fake? Regardless, very nice uniform, OP!
  10. Looks to be a Baystaye Militaria listing, and it looks like a few other of their marine uniforms are suspect
  11. Now in the For Sale section: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/310898-fs-us-army-guadalcanal-chaplains-uniform-group/?p=2498349&do=findComment&comment=2498349
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