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  1. Their are some good websites about conserving and properly storing old posters. My large is good if used with a good acid free foam board. If displaying use a conservation style paper hinge and acid free document tape. I think the website for the National Archives has a how to for displaying and preserving old paper items.
  2. A good conservation glue is Wheat starch paste. It is 100% acid and corrosion free and is also reversible. It is used in bookbinding and documented repair.
  3. The shoulder patch looks Egyptian. Almost like Anubis or Set..
  4. Barn finds seem to be a holy grail for all collector's. Its either an old Hemi from a kid who died in Vietnam to French barns that were QM storage depots.
  5. Unless its a shadow from the light, but it looks to have a Lieutenants strip on the front.
  6. I like it. I have one just like it. A FS/FB field repaint from ETO. It has the same brush marks, colors and texture. It is currently my favorite helmet.
  7. We're they all the same gauge of steel or did they differ?
  8. Did you notice in the auction hes charging for shipping? If someone spends $13k on a helmet ship for free!
  9. One DB looks good the other is questionable. A lot to spend on an Ebay lid without touching it before buying Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/322199389327
  10. HA.LOL...You have a Rupert! Absolutely amazing. How did you get a Rupert?
  11. You are 100% correct. I have studied WW2 and the Holocaust and the Nazis for over 30 years. Including the Nuremberg trials from the original "Big" trial through the Einsatzgruppen trials. I also had the pleasure of viewing a huge lot of items from the trials including numerous US uniforms from veterans who served as guards and court staff and not one patch had the "War Crimes" script on it, either in buillion or cotton thread. Not one. Previously sold groupings of trial items show numerous patches, pins and decals and id's with the regular blue and red key emblem but none with "War Crimes" scr
  12. Im trying to find a post or thread regarding the rules for posting pics. Sorry, if i missed it or if its been discussed elsewhere im sorry. I just want to make sure I dont post pics to big or small. What sizes are best for the forum? 16:9 or 4:3 etc. Im going to use my Galaxy S6 camera and it lets me take a 16M 16:9 down to a 8M 4:3 or a 2:4M 16:9. Thanks guys! Chris
  13. Didnt Inland send their parts and remaining shells to Westinghouse before the war ended? Is it possible that the Inland buckles ended up on the Westinghouse A yokes?
  14. A friend of mine has a non issued Vietnam helmet and the paint is very similar.
  15. It wont damage the paint. It only eats the rust. If you have one of the nice rusted patinas then i wouldn't use it. But if you have a good painted or camo helmet that has rusted area's or loose rust then it may work well for you.
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