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    Doing research for and working on a 'GI in de klas' (GI in the classroom) project about the 7th Armored Division, Market Garden and the Battle for Overloon.

    And doing research for Task Force Hogan Task Force Hogan 3e Armored Division Uniforms, equipment, history and story's.

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  1. It appears to me (by looking at photo's)that US soldiers whore their helmets more frequently during the second world war then soldiers form other nations. Is this due to some regulation? I have been looking for any rules about the use of the M1 helmet, but up to now i can't find any...
  2. Alright thanks guys!
  3. I have been looking into buying a HBT jacket/shirt for an armored division officier in the field impression, coming ashore a couple of days after the Normandy invasion. So I wondered 1) Did Officers (Mayor) use them in the field? 2) If so, what for insignes woud there be on it? After some googling I found this picture from a auction site: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/army-major-world-war-ii-hbt-shirt-51425102 The site says " US ARMY MAJOR WORLD WAR II HBT SHIRT JACKET" The shirt to me looks like an early HBT. Only the insignes look to me as if post war. But I am n
  4. Is there anyone with some experience with this watch or maybe someone who knows someone?
  5. I am thinking about buying this replica watch. from "Soldier of Fortune" http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/ww2-1940s-pattern-us-military-a11-watch-product,13612 The idea is to wear it during reenactment as well as in real live all day every day. So is there anyone with some experience in the use of this watch? Is it good, booth in the sense of authenticity als well in durability? Your comment is much appreciated!
  6. Peter B, What is the size of this leaflet? I like to print my own (using your photo). Thanks
  7. The text says: A run of salvaged American paratrooper pendants used by the US Army in 1943 during WWII. The conical enamel shade has been sensitively refurbished, retaining the slight wear and surface patina to the matt surface. These lights were once a component part of the electrical lighting chests which were flown in and dropped to troops on the ground. The chests provided everything they needed to set up the lights in a temporary camp including lampholders, switches, fuses, lamps, tape and shades. Each light is supplied with a new bayonet (B22) lamp holder and 2mtrs of twisted old
  8. I can't belief I actually found this. I was looking for some vintage lighting fixtures to lighten up a military display I am working on. And I found this! Complete with twisted old gold braided cable... http://www.skinflintdesign.co.uk/store/ceiling_lights/us_paratrooper_pendants_v3.html
  9. Where there different ways of connecting these to each other? I red in company commander about a "party line" does this mean they where connect in a row with two wires both in L1 and L2 and then each couple of wires running to the next and previus station?
  10. Half of the Task Force Hogan team (me) is now taking an extra D tour via the 7th armored Division in order to meet the demands of the Dutch educational system in the middle of the Netherlands. All this because I am currently working on a Dutch School Project, to visit school classes as a WW2 GI of the the 7th armored Division, telling the children about the second world war, the 7th Armored Division, Operation Marked garden and the battle for Overloon. I will use real and/or repro story's, books, documents, maps, photo's, posters, newsreels, music,and even chocolate in repro Hersey wrappin
  11. These service albums seam to be standardized in a some way or the other. And yet besides, they appear to be customized at the same time for the concerned unit or location the soldier was in or ad. Could some one tell me how this worked?
  12. Reading 7th Armored Division, after action reports from September and October 1944.

  13. I recently bought myself a M1 helmet. After a close exam the marking looks like S (on top closer to the rim) 352 and then a sort of (bigger) A scratched on the end, would this be possible? further details are front seam and swivel bail and dark OD chin-band. Ill post pictures on a later date.
  14. Sorry Patches, for not making myself clear. I wasn't aware of the possibility to have the same SSI twise om a uniform. So what I did mean is two different patches during WW2 of two different armored divisions for example.
  15. 98 pages already! This has become a vast thread. Allmost to the point where is a bit to much to function as a reference thing. For example I belief there must be some examples of double patches some where and they might have been posted by me. I think I remember a small explanation followed about the reason and function of doulble SSI patches. Something like moving from one division to the other, could someone enlighten me (again) up on that fenomenon?
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