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  1. If you look at the paperwork 2 award code 9 says the bronze star medal then to the right on that it quotes the bronze star medal is based on the award of the combat infantryman badge. So I assumed he was awarded the bronze star medal as well.
  2. I may be wrong with the Croix de Guerre but the 18th infantry was awarded the fourragere so I assumed they were all tied together but the Ike should just have the cords?
  3. Some of this has been guess work, he was wounded November 26th 1944 then was sent stateside for 5 months and 10 days and that patch was found with one of his dog tags and Sgt. stripe so my guess is that is where he got put when he came back state side to finish out his enlistment after being WIA.
  4. My grandfather was in the 1st ID 18th Infantry during WWII as a heavy machine gunner through Africa and Europe (as stated on his form 100). His last name starts with an M so his records were lost in the archive fire and he had a house fire (two of them) after the war so everything has been lost except for a couple pieces of paperwork. I've been working on putting together an Ike to resemble what his would have looked like but need some help finishing up whatever I may be missing. I'd appreciate any input on what I need to complete the uniform or if you have any missing items to help me add
  5. Pt. III These didn't resize well at all but you get the idea at least.
  6. My father started collecting the yard long photographs and the more we got to looking at them all the more we started to realize that many of them have been pieced together with the same images. So my question is: Does anyone know the reasoning behind this and how and why this was done or any other kind of information pertaining to these?
  7. Rather disappointing show compared to previous years.
  8. Thanks for the replies gents. But what exactly is it and it's purpose if it's not a NOK tag?
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